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  1. Imo the decision to stick with Vinny is what derailed the season. We lost games that should have been wins simply because Vinny couldnt do the one thing he is paid to do. I believe Colts would have been a playoff team had a kicking change been made and as Tennesse and currently Houston is showing..anything is possible once you are in. Im not sure this was Reichs call however...i believe the decision came from higher up. Whoever made the call...hope it was worth it to them as they sit and watch 2 division teams battle it out for a superbowl appearance next week. 2 teams the Colts beat by the way..and woulda beat Tenn twice had Vinny not missed 3 or 4 kicks in the 2nd meeting.
  2. I fear it wont be over. I think the excuse of him getting injured and not having all of his skill guys will be thrown out heavily. Offensive coordinator has already said he thinks the injury has played a part in his play. Problem is though that not seeing guys running wide open...inaccurate throws to wide open receivers..holding the ball too long and just generally being too slow in everything he does is not a result of skill guys being injured. Its just a QB who isnt that good and whose ceiling is a high end backup. Judging by how long the colts stuck with a washed up kicker costing them game after game this year i fear they will give JB at least another year.
  3. You can make excuses but he is tied for the lead in missed PATs and has missed several fgs as well. At this point you cant depend on him and for that reason alone he should be replaced. In almost every game he is costing the Colts points.
  4. This is my belief as well. I dont believe he is injured physically at all. Mentally he may be beat up. But this current unexplained injury was made up in my opinion as a way to buy time hoping luck would change his mind.
  5. Im not sure about that. I question if the guy is hurt at all honestly and have wondered that for months now. The thought of him retiring even entered my mind a couple weeks ago. I remember Mcafee telling Dan Dakich 2 years ago that Luck was a rare breed who doesnt need football and wouldnt have been surprised if he quit back then. Irsay tonight made reference to how he ended the season fine..played in pro bowl was fine...then goes to europe and is suddenly injured. Weird. How did he get hurt. What exactlty is his injury?.Has anybody even figured this mysterious injury out yet? Some type of high ankle sprain maybe? Ok....while problamatic...guys typically dont retire over it. My opinion...he was tired of the game..never truly loved it in the first placr...and wanted a way out. His mysterious new injury gave him that.
  6. There is no waiting list, as i said earlier the Colts can try to make it look like there is, but there isn't. The waiting list on this forum says it is closed lol. If i wanted season tickets i could have them, and im not on any waiting list.
  7. I didnt need to look because i don't care. If there are still tickets left then this idea that there is waiting list is absurd. You implied people are lined up waiting to buy tickets, that is false. Again if that were the case why would the Colts advertise on local tv as well as social media trying to sell tickets? There is no need to do that if people are lined up on a waiting list just waiting to grab them.
  8. There hasn't been a waiting list for the last few years i don't believe. The Colts may claim there is, but they were airing tv commercials just a couple weeks ago trying to get tickets sold. If the tickets are so hot you need a waiting list, you dont need to waste money on advertisements trying to sell them.
  9. JMV indicated this morning that Glazer may be appearing on his show this afternoon so maybe we will get some more information. If another procedure is needed, i would expect that it wont be announced until after season ticket renewals are done. I'm to the point now where if he plays that great, if he doesn't play oh well. This is a team game, he has already missed over a year anyway and there is no guarantee even if he comes back that he will be as good as what he was. Take the guys who are healthy and move forward. If there is no faith in Jacoby then draft another QB at some point in this years draft and lets go.
  10. Irsay had much more say in this hiring, or at least was much more involved then he was the first time around when Ballard was chasing Mcdaniels, that has been reported from JMV so i trust it. I don't mind Irsay meddling in this instance, he let Ballard have hit shot and regardless of who was to blame the situation blew up in the Colts faces. No surprise to me that 2 of the 3 candidates this time around were ex colts coaches who Irsay was already familiar with.
  11. Maybe not from Mcdaniels, but i think Kraft had this planned out from the beginning and probably was never truly worried about him leaving. He let this thing go as far it could go before finally stepping in and "sweetning" a deal to keep him. I seen a report somewhere that McDaniels indicated that if the Pats had presented this opportunity earlier he wouldn't have pursued other jobs. Kraft knew he was in serious talks all along with the Colts but waits until the night before to try and keep him? This was Kraft sticking one to the Colts. Simple as that. He let this thing go as along as it could knowing all along he was going to present him a deal he couldnt refuse.
  12. Of course he did, as i said Sunday night Kraft gets great enjoyment to sticking it to the Colts.
  13. Wow. This is pretty much terrible for the Colts. I am surprised since it got the point of an actual presser being scheduled that he did indeed back out. But as i said Sunday night i could see him doing it if he was promised a HC job in NE. And like it or not, he's a Patriot and they get off on sticking it to the Colts.
  14. Schefter still reporting that Mcdaniels expected to be named head coach. If this were to fall through though it would almost certainly be because he was offered the Patriots job as soon as BB retires. And who knows that may be sooner then later. Nobody else would hire the guy if he bailed on the Colts offer. But if he was guaranteed the Pats job he likely wouldn't care and Kraft would get enjoyment out of sticking one to the Colts.
  15. Mike Wells, who covers the Colts for ESPN, says it was Wilks who cancelled. The Colts wanted him to interview earlier in the week and his schedule was full with other interviews. Was supposed to interview today and took his name out of the mix.
  16. I'd rather Irsay just be real, like Ballard was. You didn't hear any promise from Ballard. All Ballard said was he hasn't thrown yet and when he does it will tell them a lot. Thats all that needs to be said on the issue. Ballard also said that any guy that wants to coach the Colts because of Luck is probably not the right fit. Interesting comment. Everyone believed Luck would be back by training camp based on what exactly? A statement from Jim Irsay? Even when it was clear Luck wouldn't be back by then, he still said he would be back early in the season. He even didn't rule him out for week 1 just 10 days before the season. I don't call that optimism, i call it absurdity. But the more you listen to Irsay speak, it's not surprising. An optimistic projection is not what happened today and it's not what happened last winter either. A promise is what happened today. There is a difference. When you promise something that is about as definitive as you can get given the circumstances. The statement last winter was also definitive. "Will be back for start of the season". If you want to call that a "optimistic projection" then thats your right, but most people will and did take that as a definitive statement.
  17. Did you not listen to the press conference. Irsay was very confiedent in Luck returning, even promised that it would happen. Even though Ballard said he hasn't even thrown yet, and that him throwing will tell them a lot, the owner is already promising a return. Based on Irsays comments during this entire Luck situation, Doyel is exactly right, why should you believe him? The owner deserves the criticism when he cant stop opening his mouth and saying things that arent accurate.
  18. Irsay is hard to listen to anymore. Honestly wish he would just stop speaking altogether. I feel he does more harm then good anymore. Ballard did not want this to be about Luck that was obvious in how he answered the question about guys wanting to come here because of Andrew. Then Irsay goes and rambles for 10 minutes all about Andrew. I personally don't believe a word Irsay says anymore anyway.
  19. Maybe, but he was right about Irsay, he hasn't been right on the Luck issue yet.
  20. Irsay going all in with the promise that Luck will be back. Hope it turns out better then his prediction of last winter. Doyel just grilled Irsay on the issue lol.
  21. Thank god. 2 years too late but at least they wised up this time and made the move. Good guy, but a terrible coach in my opinion.
  22. I cant see him being Irsay's first choice. This fan base has lost interest and Irsay will want a big name hire, maybe even 2, a certain ex colt qb in the front office is what i am thinking. Anything to try and win back the interest of the fan base. A first time head coach hire is probably not the road Irsay wants to go down again. Now what Irsay wants and what Irsay is able to get done are 2 different things. He wanted Manning and Gruden last year and didn't get it done.
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