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  1. My mistake, Mike Garafolo, ill edit my post.
  2. Saw a tweet earlier from Mike Garafolo that said the O line coach may have an expiring contract and likely won't be back. Not sure how true that is, but if it is that could explain why he wasn't fired. Either way, he made it sound like a change may be coming there so stay tuned.
  3. I don't understand this. What changed? Why not make this decision last year after the team went to the AFC title game? I feel like Irsay basically destroyed this season by leaving Pagano in the position that he was in. It added a lot of unecessary distraction. And i thought Irsay wanted more from the D this year and less of the blowout losses. We didn't improve in either area. This is stunning to me. And there are way too many reports of friction between Grigs and Pagano for it not to be true. So now there going to make up and start talking again and function together? Did Irsay lay the
  4. Is there for sure a press conference? Weird that i have seen no mention of it from any local media guys.
  5. If true, the problem is Irsay, not Grigson. I have always loved Jim Irsay as an owner but i do have my concerns with him right now and where this organization may be headed. In regards to his daughters having a strong relationship with Grigson, i have heard that it's the complete opposite with Pagano. So it doesn't surprise me that his job is safe while Pagano's was pretty much toast before the season even started. And i agree about finding a good coach to come here, good luck with that if Grigson is allowed to control everything.
  6. Been that way most of the year and honestly has been a problem for a few years now against the good defenses. Luck getting a lot of the criticism but our receivers have been trash most of the year too. Hilton especially. He's making big boy money now but has not played like a big boy for most of this season. Maybe if more corners simply fall down like in the Saints game the Colts will get there money worth this year.
  7. He's struggling and IMO is playing through an injury. He's not been good but half a season doesn't wipe out the 3 solid years he has had carrying a flawed football team. Manning had rough patches along the way in his career as well, including a 6 INT game. He also had a several game stretch in 2010 where he was awful with 11 picks in 3 games and Bob Lamey called for his benching on the radio not knowing he was live lol. It happens, and i don't care who you are if you are a QB playing with a significant injury it can affect your play. Just look at Manning in the playoffs last year.
  8. Because he has broken ribs Terrible decision, But as is the case on a lot of plays, none of our receivers were open. Thats just as much of a problem as Lucks decision making.
  9. Harrison has no business even being on this team. He proved he couldn't snap a football last year. Thats kind of a big deal for a center. Another Grigson gem.
  10. Didn't he already make this statement once earlier this season? Was this a recording? Thought for sure he said the exact same thing back during the preseason?
  11. Bob Holtzman from ESPN also said the same thing Thursday night after the game, to go along with Wells. In fact, there was a thread on here Thursday night about it and it apparently was deleted for some reason.
  12. I think it's already obvious that the shoulder is worse then they are saying. Pagano was asked if he was confident Luck would be ready for the Pats and he answered "supremely" and then laughed. Obviously making a joke to when he said the same thing the week of the Jags game in which Luck missed. He never did give an actual answer thought when pressed further, just said they look out for the player first.
  13. Not much better then the 50-50 that he was for this week. Seems like a low percentage considering the long break before that game. Holtzman also said it's a "sore shoulder" and not a long term thing. If he should miss the Pats game it's approaching long term in terms of an NFL season. Must be one heck of a sore shoulder.
  14. Ok, here. What are words 11-15 in that tweet? Mike Chappell ‏@mchappell51 Oct 5Would love to file something after watching Andrew Luck throw. But he didn't actually throw. 2 lobbed screen passes when media out there
  15. No, i didn't. Luck didn't throw. Go read some of the twitter comments from the guys who actually watched practice. Here, i'll give you one just for example. There are many more. If you want to equate tosses to throwing the football then go ahead. Stephen Holder ‏@HolderStephen 28m28 minutes agoStephen Holder Retweeted Mrs. O'Leary The passes that media saw in practice were more like tosses. As we wrote. Was more or less a dog and pony show IMO
  16. Not that anyone saw. Mike Chappell was at practice and said Luck "flipped" 2 screen passes. The only person who said Luck threw all week was Pagano, the same Pagano was very confident Luck would play last week.
  17. He lobbed or "flipped" 2 screen passes on Monday. Even Mike Chappell who was watching it all, said they weren't even throws. I'm not going to argue it any further. The only person who said Luck actually threw all week was Pagano. Sorry, but i have a hard time believing Chuck.
  18. Thanks, but no i didn't. The point is just extremely weak. Lobbing a few screen passes is quite different then making normal everyday throws that the QB's have to make to effectively run the offense. When Schefter says they didn't throw, he is probably not taking into account a couple lobbed passes that Luck could make with his left arm if need be.
  19. So, you think they were to going to play a NFL game throwing nothing but lobbed screen passes? Hey, if that makes you feel better then he was lobbing up screen passes, so be it.
  20. Neither Colts' QB, Andrew Luck and Matthew Hasselbeck, threw passes in practice this week. Not ideal situation for Thursday, or any, night. This is why I don't like the mainstream media. This is a Lie! It may not be a lie. Did anyone see them throw passes, other then those screen passes that Luck threw. Just because Luck took all the reps doesn't necessarily mean he threw the ball. The Colts have been to know to stretch the truth or not tell the whole story before. I mean just look at this current Luck situation as an example.
  21. And Hasselbeck is still sick it sounds like. Was in the hospital for an IV sometime this week. Yeah, not good, could get real ugly quick.
  22. Per Schefter: Luck out tonight, Hasselbeck will start again.
  23. Ian Rapoport on Twitter says Hassleback is still sick but expects to start.
  24. I'll be absolutely shocked if Luck plays. Nothing indicates to me that he will. Johnson gets brought back yesterday, Matt practices fully yesterday while Andrew still limited. Now these reports popping up that the Colts won't be surprised if Matt starts. If they don't know by now whether or not Luck is ready to play, then he isn't ready. Pretty simple to me.
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