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  1. This is my belief as well. I dont believe he is injured physically at all. Mentally he may be beat up. But this current unexplained injury was made up in my opinion as a way to buy time hoping luck would change his mind.
  2. Im not sure about that. I question if the guy is hurt at all honestly and have wondered that for months now. The thought of him retiring even entered my mind a couple weeks ago. I remember Mcafee telling Dan Dakich 2 years ago that Luck was a rare breed who doesnt need football and wouldnt have been surprised if he quit back then. Irsay tonight made reference to how he ended the season fine..played in pro bowl was fine...then goes to europe and is suddenly injured. Weird. How did he get hurt. What exactlty is his injury?.Has anybody even figured this mysterious injury out yet? Some type of high ankle sprain maybe? Ok....while problamatic...guys typically dont retire over it. My opinion...he was tired of the game..never truly loved it in the first placr...and wanted a way out. His mysterious new injury gave him that.
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