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  1. At the time of the decisions, many were calling for a toast!
  2. The Jets are very much like Denver was when he took over. Beaten down, insecure, lacking confidence. It's the kind of situation he excels at. If he gets the keys, I would expect him to give the entire team a burst of energy. For that reason alone, I wouldn't laugh his presence off as some kind of joke.
  3. One unknown factor to consider here. I was diagnosed with bowel and prostate cancer within 30 days of each other. 4 years later so far so good. But in the aftermath of treatments, you do a lot of reading about what you can do to minimize your chances of relapse. And EVERYTHING I read that I respected listed adequate rest and minimizing stress as two of the most important things you can do, along with nutrition and exercise. Not predicting or preaching, but just pointing out how much at odds his career is with those recommendations.
  4. I buy into the assumption that the Colts are committed to rebuilding a team that is more balanced in terms of offense vs defense. The first draft in this rebuilding process seemed to be a bit tilted more towards offense, for a variety of legitimate reasons, Given their stated direction, it seems reasonable to assume that next year's draft would be aimed more towards defense. And for this transaction to happen, the Colts would likely have to part with a decent chunk of that [assumed] defensive draft, PLUS possibly give up a defensive stalwart like Freeney. So that approach would appear (to
  5. As one who can easily go 4 days between shaves without anyone noticing, I salute any attempt at facial hair - however misguided and pathetic it may be. Amish beards for the whole team, I say.
  6. When they take the field wearing bodypainted uniforms, then they will need to be reeled in.
  7. Not sure, but I've got the ugly covered.
  8. Were it possible to separate the past from the present (it's not), I would say OJ. Watching him run through the vaunted Steel Curtain for some ridiculous yardage (275-ish?) will always stick with me. He would sort of glide for a moment, then plant a foot and blow by people, and was extremely fast in his prime.
  9. Exactly this. Because posting an anonymous good wish towards someone on a message board is WAAAYYY too much effort.
  10. Fans come and go, just like players. The only constant in all of this is Irsay's ownership of the entity known as the Colts. I believe he wants to provide a great product that will please fans. Not please me, not please you, but please that ever-evolving, constantly changing group known as fans. I suspect if the Colts start out decently with Luck, and improve each year - their fanbase will be there. It may not include a bunch of people who were in that group yesterday, but the ones that leave will be replaced with new ones. It's just how life goes.
  11. It's a testament to Peyton's greatness that he makes extraordinary plays seem almost routine. The thing I will always remember most about him is just how funny he can be. When you watch him at work, you would probably expect him to be almost like a cyborg in person. But seeing him do the roundhouse kick to Eli's butt in the classic brothers-fighting commercial on ESPN - just floors me every time. Such a rare mix in one person.
  12. If you want to test a guy's explosiveness, nail him in a box and then dump in the spiders.
  13. Maybe Peyton's too good for his own good? Lots of respectable people talk about how he redefined the position. He covered SO many flaws, took pressure off so many players, coaches, and FO people for so long. Imagine the Colts are a state-of-the-art high-def 3D television. Peyton's the remote. Lose the remote and you can't even watch re-runs of Maude. Suddenly a less fancy TV doesn't look so bad.
  14. Because a combine without cornfields is just a big waste of expensive machinery.
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