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  1. I have a feeling Smith will be at RT a long time.
  2. Wow.. 34 is too damn young..
  3. Play the guy where he is at his best... "football player".. If dude his a player he will stick.... wherever that may be.
  4. Listen to R V's interview with JMV on 1070 the fan he address this .... honestly the Colts NEEDED to start taking this route. .. The key is did they hit?
  5. Don't be shocked to see Blythe at G...
  6. Thanks .. never really left just quiet ...
  7. Competition is good.. let chips fall where they may. No more free rides.
  8. IF Henry was full go? Yes. Very interesting group
  9. That is exactly their plan.. next draft will be all D and a RB
  10. Andrew Luck cannot continue to get blasted ... Grigs finally figured it out.. I hope he hit on these guys?
  11. No they are not confident in this teams miserable depth on the OL... I love this ... OL should have been priority one from the get go. Better late than never?
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