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  1. Some may not have but I really enjoyed yesterday's National Anthem. Who was that and is there a video of that performance anywhere?
  2. Good for Luck but, just watch Castonzo's footwork. He is not comfortable stepping back on his left foot first at the snap. That sack and the following play was right in front of me and his footwork is labored. Had the following play been one that required him to hold a block for any amount of time Williams would have knocked him to the ground.
  3. Where's the collar to pop, no thanks.
  4. That return was hilariously embarrassing for the Texans.
  5. Better from long than he is intermediate. He's missed too many short and intermediate kicks to call him "money" or "clutch" as a Colt. I feel better when he kicks from 50 than I do from 37.
  6. I'm a STH I was just curious, hadn't heard yet.
  7. #93 quit #72 should not be in an NFL uniform #4's shelf life has expired #31 cannot run between the tackles #80 is not catching on #74 is not earning his keep
  8. The word "offseason" is officially banned at 8:30 tonight until further notice.
  9. and my birthday is on a 12th day, hence my #12 personalized jersey that I've been wearing to games since b4 Sorgi
  10. Think Pats @ Colts 2009, fourth-and-2, up six, 123 seconds to play, own 28-yard line
  11. Andrew, Dec 30th the Texans are visiting Lucas Oil Stadium. It's the 4th quarter with just over 2 minutes to play. The Colts are leading with the ball on their own 20. It's 4th and 2. Does this scenario sound familiar to you, and do you want one more snap to ice the game, or are you hoping coach Arians decides to punt?
  12. Does anyone out there have both? If so, how do they compare IYO? I haven't seen an Elite in person yet but I can tell you I hated the next level down I saw in the stores. The swoosh stands out like the "horseshoe on the sleeve walmart jerseys" and there is blue stitching over white on it that looks horrible. It's not a clean look at all.
  13. Debate all you want, post all the stats and you still don't have anything other than opinion. Different teams, different conferences.....apples to oranges.
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