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  1. A lot will depend on what the player punishments look like. I saw Drew today saying that he still doesn't believe that the Saints are guilty of bounties for injuries, just an incentive program.
  2. I'm not a real Colts fan. Love Peyton, but Giants is my team. I won't root against or for Colts now. I'll follow Peyton as my other team. No loss though - I don't live near Indy, don't go to games, and have never purchased any Colts stuff. Can't help you with the tickets, unfortunately.
  3. Congrats on the SB win....another for the Mannings!!! woot woot

  4. Thanks for the mental image of Peyton on a unicorn. I cannot stop laughing!

  5. Thank you for helping us find a word that wasn't in the filter.

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