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  1. Cool list! If we're ranking albums too (which you're right depends on mood) Id go with Self-titled,LTP,EV,R,SFTD. As to songs in no order Everybody Knows That You're Insane, Do It Again, Tangled Up In Plaid, In My Head, The Bronze, How To Handle Rope,I Think I lost My Headache, The Blood Is Love, The Fun Machine Took A crap and´╗┐ Died, You Can't Quit Me Baby

  2. That's tough. In no particular order. Mexicola, you can't quit me baby, how to handle a rope, live fun machine, millionaire, sftd, go w the flow, broken box, misfit love.....man now I'm trying to think, and it's just to hard. Album wise I got ST,SFTD,LtP,EV,R. But that's trying to compare kids ya know. All are for different moods.

  3. Your top ten songs?

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