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  1. I just want to get a feel from you guys. I know I am a Colts fan who will cheer for Peyton every time he takes the field unless he plays us. So...
  2. I am amazed at some people. I keep reading things like: "If he goes to Tennessee I'll know his tears in the Presser were fake", "Reggie is a real Colt he came back and didn't go to Ten, he took a house discount... (compared to Manning who is considering Ten)", I will boo PM if he comes to town playing for Ten, He said he was a Colt for life, now he is considering a contract for life with a division rival, what an a hole. I'll never forgive him, treason was thrown out there in a tweet People: WE RAN HIM OUT OF TOWN, we treated it like a business matter, we had a choice and we made it, period
  3. I'm not so sure the best, or one of the best doctors in the U.S. would risk his career, or his reputation by doing something so unethical just as much as I doublt the Mannings being greedy conspirators...
  4. So, "The best back and neck guy in the country" said Peyton can resume his career from a health standpoint. There is no risk to his health greater than that of any other NFL Quarterback. Yet, we get this "report" that Peyton has developed spurs in his neck and might require an alleged 5th surgery sometime soon, meaning, I guess, that he is not really healthy enough, because in order to be, he needs this surgery. I mean the thought of him "on the clock" to re enter the surgeon's room, cannot by any menas mean he is ready, right? Not only that, but for some spooky reason, that surgery hasn't t
  5. hahaha the mexican hombres! I honestly don't see it, but I think the Cowboys could very weel play once a year in Mexico. God knows I hate them with every inch of my body and soul, but 105,000...
  6. I wasn't a fan of football 7 years ago. One day, I turn on the TV and I see this Colts team coming back on Monday night to beat Tampa. I was stunned at this guy, the Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, his way to command the whole field, his risilience, his control, his accuracy. Charismatic guy, pinpoint accuracy... From that day on, I became a fan, I don't miss a Colts game. But... I am more than that, I am an NFL fan, I watch Cardinals v Seahawks, I watch College Game if the game is good, I navigate the web to find news and blogs about the league. I always thought I was a Peyton Manni
  7. I think logistically a team here in Mexico (the evil cartel country) would not be a good idea. I also believe it would be tough to sell out games every single week, see, when our professional teams are not doing well, we just stop spending money on them, that's a huge risk for the league. But I'll tell you this, we are the largest market outside of the US, we watch the NFL NETWORK, we buy NFL sunday ticket, get games on national television 3-4 times a week, buy jerseys, travel to games... We have been conquered, so there is no interest from the league to exploit that, they desepratedly try t
  8. Not necessarily, how about a contract where I pay a little money to you, but I give you crazy bonuses? Like, if you make the roster you get 10mil If you play week one you get 5mil If you play more than 14 games I pay you 7mil and pick up a clause for a new 3 year deal with the money guarateed I don't know, but if I am an owner and I sign PM without the certainty that he's healthy, I want some insurance, and I wanna be able to get out of the contract if you never get healthy. You'll say "why would PM accept a cpntract like this?" Well, because he is so sure he'll recover
  9. I asked Robert via twitter if he thought he could be an OLB in a 3-4 scheme... I accidentally said he is a RE in a later tweet where I said the best RE in the league deserved a new contract..., he made sure to correct me saying he is LE, but he answered he thinks he could play it... Now I wouldn't expect him to say he couldn't but he didn't need to answer the question if that was the case... Gotta tell you, I love this guy, I am a huge huge huge fan of his, I truly want us to bring him back. I love how he played this year, the way he handled himself even though he wanted a new contract, no c
  10. The media was sick and tired of him. The fans were too, not all, but you could see the majority of people wanted to see a change, regardless of Chris being the GM He is gone We are changing, beginning a new era. Are you, personally, ready to get closure, and if you were one of those fans who wanted him out, do you want to see him honored by the franchise, recognize his work and "remember the good times"? I am. I wish he cmes back sooner than later and the franchise recognizes him for what he meant to your town and especially your team? Adios amigos
  11. God I just wish we already had all pieces in pace and stop this speculation game it's really frustrating and stupid.
  12. One thing that jumps out to me: The guy is throwing to his equipment guys? seriously? He has no strength and conditioning coaches, someone with rehabing knowledge? I don't know if that worries me or just tells me he is doing so well he doesn't need them... Maybe he is just in a phase where he is just trying to regain his throwing power and that's it, because I would guess an injured guy like this, would have to be working with someone very close to him everyday with a very strong rehab regime.. who knows
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