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  1. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. If my coaches are dumb enough, arrogant enough, selfish enough, and rude enough to frown upon a player for doing well on a test, then that just shows how elitist and immature they really are...
  2. Alshon Jeffery was clearly the top receiver in the SEC in 2010. Julio Jones? Come on... he was not as dominant as Jeffery. Stephen Garcia vs. Greg McElroy? They are pretty even and McElroy is in the NFL right now. 26 passes a game is quite a bit as well. If you want to compare teams, don't just use quarterbacks, considering that they are about the same anyways. What about offensive lines? Alabama usually has a very good O-line which gives quarterbacks more time to throw and receivers more time to run routes and get open.
  3. Alshon Jeffery shredded most of the SEC's and cornerbacks in 2010. He was an All-American over A.J. Green and Julio Jones. I don't know why you want to deny his dominant 2010 season. You act like all his 88 receptions, 1517 yards, and 9 touchdowns came on jump balls...
  4. Cromartie is a couple inches shorter than Alshon Jeffery, and I'd say that Jeffery is a little underweight right now at 213 lbs. During his amazing 2010 season, he was listed at 6'4" 233 or 229 lbs. That's not overweight if he plays like he did because he was probably one of the best receiver in the nation that season and he didn't look slow to me. Calvin Johnson isn't overweight and he's 6' 5" 239 lbs.
  5. Same as Jeffery? Go watch his sophomore season. He was incredible. He is not a slow player, he made a lot of yards after the catch that year.
  6. Accuracy is putting the ball in the best position for the receiver to catch it. And that is not always in the numbers.
  7. It's a pro day where you throw passes, not a game... Why do people on here always feel the need to defend Andrew Luck? You don't have to baby him around... he's a 22 year old man...
  8. If you laughed at Sam Bradford's accuracy, then your bias just exploded through the computer screen. He might be the most accurate college passer in recent memory. If you look at one simple stat, completion percentage, it's lower than Robert Griffin III's. Also, Robert Griffin III's yards per attempt is 10.7 yards compared to Andrew Luck's 8.7 yards. Luck does not put everything on the money as you seem to claim, just like no other quarterback does.
  9. What are you talking about? Who said I was being sarcastic about anything... ;) And I didn't say you were making excuses, you yourself said it was Steve Young. Forgive me if I think some of these excuses just sound really silly. He underthrew the receiver because he was acting like their was an imaginary defender? Give me a break ...
  10. I'm not sure where you got that from, because I wouldn't say Andrew Luck is the most accurate quarterback in years. I give that to Sam Bradford, as he was incredibly accurate at Oklahoma. And I do think that Robert Griffin III is a little more accurate than Luck. Just watch him throw it, especially on the deep passes.
  11. Don't forget that when Andrew Luck overthrew the ball, he did it on purpose to get a ball over the imaginary defender... Some of these excuses just sound ridiculous lol...
  12. I think that Dallas Clark would be an excellent addition to Denver.
  13. Calling Jeff Saturday selfish? That's a very trashy statement on your part sir. The colts have destroyed almost all that they had and almost all of what Jeff Saturday had in Indianapolis. Now you think the colts deserve him to stay? I've got no words for that... Sorry if this sounds harsh, but your comment at the end just frustrates me a lot...
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