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  1. I just wonder, with everyone here, or most here wanting Jim Caldwell fired at seasons end and most of the coaching staff....what would these same fans think or do if Peyton Manning comes out and says he wants Jim Caldwell back next year as his coach and trusts him with leadership of this franchise...
  2. How am I dead? Because I refuse to "buy into" the idea that the world is ending and that uniformed fans have a better understanding of job positions, duties and such? We are fans...we cheer or boo and that is our job to think we have any insight into what goes on in the day to day operations of a pro football team is laughable....
  3. Why is that a terrible excuse? That is the style of defense we built, you can disagree with chosing that style, but results would say different...
  4. The Colts have one embarrassing loss, not losses. 2nd I would agree but not game after game, especailly when you have been producing quality previous. It would be looked at as a fluke, defect in the material you had and the hope you can relocate a better supplier next time you buy parts.
  5. There is no fair way to determine, we don't know all the factors on why Player X is here and why Player Y isn't or why Player Z is playing while Player A isn't. Without all the facts you can't make a valid opinion.
  6. Should the Bears GM be fired because their QB and RB went down and didn't prepare for that and since that happening the Bears have played worse football then the Colts?
  7. Sorry but Dan is not on the level of Rex...Rex isn't great, but he is an NFL caliber QB.
  8. As like auto racing, you can have a great car, if you have no one to drive it you are not going to be successful, no matter how good the car is. Without a NFL caliber QB you are not going to win...Just go ask the Bears...
  9. 1 miracle run? Really? Did you not watch how the defense dominated TN all day long?
  10. No lack of anything outside of talent. the effort is there, the motivation is there, you just don't want to see it.
  11. If you have X type of players that play X style of defense, and you have almost zero ability to change out those players then exactly what do you want the coach to do?
  12. But you may not know why the brakes failed, what part of the brakes failed? You make an opinion based of limited information. You have zero information on why Caldwell has done the things he has done, or what style of personality he is or how he relates to his players or what his players think of him as a coach. There are a ton of things that go into evaluation of a job performance...you have just 1 thing.
  13. When it comes down to it, the way a coach is viewed as good is how the team does. right now Caldwell's record is 27 wins and 22 losses. That is over .500, so he is a good coach...
  14. Simple...there is zero chance that anyone posting on this forum has the knowledge or understanding of what is involved in either the GM position or HC position of an NFL team. To claim a person doesn't know how to do his job or isn't doing it right without all the facts is just not logical.
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