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  1. So basically he is trying this league again because he thinks he can make some gains into the viewership because he is not going to let people kneel or tweet about something they believe in politically? I hate to tell Vince a lot people are not going to tune into an inferior product just because somebody takes a knee. Sure, will there be an audience that tunes in, but unless that product is good they are not going to stay. Americans value being the best over anything else so if you are not getting top tier talent and putting on a great show that anti political correctness will not have staying power.
  2. That is what the Colts defense does best. Make awful QBs look good! Osweiler and Bortles love to play our defense.
  3. We threw the season away the moment we decided that. Sure if we had a healthy Andrew we would probably be hovering around 8-8 or something, but we all should have known we were not going to win anything under Pagano. Thankfully this team is not like the Pacers and go on a big winning streak at the end of the year and screw up draft position. Hopefully we lose out and we cement that third pick and find us either a stud pass rusher or lineman with that pick.
  4. My interest would be severely hurt if they brought Pagano back. Pagano is a nice guy and the players like him, but does anyone on here really believe this man is going to win us a title? His team routinely looks unprepared at the start of games and needs a herculean effort by Luck to bring us back. People point to his record, but for the first part of his career here we played in the worst division in the league. We feasted on the AFC South and his record reflected that. From 2013 to 2016, the guy is 19-20 outside his division with massive blowouts to the Cowboys, Steelers, and Patriots. If we were in any other division other than the AFC South his 2013 and 2014 campaigns would be more like 2015 and 2016. His game management leaves a lot to be desired be it allowing one of the worst plays to be called even when they had players who had not practiced it doing it or calling explicable timeouts to stop the clock for opposing teams. Do not get me wrong he is not horrible, but he is not good either. You are not winning a title with him so do you really want to waste another season and just hope Luck comes back and saves the day?
  5. Remember if one person is not right then that discredits everyone else forever!
  6. I believe it is called sarcasm. The article is right. Between the play calling and poor play you are just bound to get hurt as a Colts QB. I really cannot blame Luck if it is true that a lot of it is in his head. Would you be overly excited about coming back to this team after watching Brissett get the crap kicked out of him week in and week out.
  7. That is his m.o. for most of his career. Feed on bad defenses and then no show against average or above defenses. I am sure it is everyone's fault but his.
  8. I am surprised it has taken this long for someone to go on radio be it 1260 or 1070 and get their message out. They have been horrible in controlling the narrative with Luck and his injury. It does not help that your owner is telling people that it is in Luck's head and was out from the beginning saying oh he will be week 1. You have to imagine the Colts have some PR experts in the building.
  9. Good I hope it becomes harder and harder for these teams to build massive stadiums on tax payer dime. I wish more and more cities would say enough is enough. I am still shocked that the NFL owners agreed to move the Rams in the first place. LA was always their golden goose that was always used to hold local cities hostage to spend way to much on stadiums. Now they really do not have that one city that it is reasonable to try and move too. Sure Las Vegas is there, but there are a lot of issues with that and it is not as easy to sell as LA is. Sucks for the local fans in San Diego. I do not think I would stay a Colts fan if they moved from Indy.
  10. Well if Pagano is staying that means Grigson is staying or Irsay wants to cause drama buy hiring a new GM and saying here is the coach you have to work with. I would hope he learned from watching other teams that generally does not work out well. I cannot say that I am surprised, but I am definitely getting ready for another 8-8 season. Pagano is Jeff Fisher outside of the division and the Jags/Texans/Titans are all much better teams so 6-0 is not a given anymore. Actually given Pagano's regression in the AFC South 7-9 is probably more like it.
  11. No, he just gave Pagano and Grigson extension in the offseason so I do not see him turning around after just one season and eating that money. There maybe changes at the assistant coach level, but Pagano is not going anywhere and neither is Grigson. Both will get at least one more season with this new power structure. Now if we miss the playoffs again next year then I can see Irsay letting them both go, but you best get comfortable as you will see those two next year.
  12. It is easily Trent because we already had NFL tape on Trent Richardson. You had two seasons of tape on him. Like any rookie, there is a risk that he will never live up to his play in college. Grigson thought some how we could magically fix what was already on tape and it failed miserably. With draft picks there is always a risk because you just never know what you are going to get.
  13. Probably because in half the games this season he has been below 50 yards receiving. He has really feasted on the poorer defenses like the Bears, Jags, and Chargers to beef up the stats, but then really struggled against stronger defenses like the Broncos and Texans. He has played great in four of the games and tore them apart, but the other four he has been non-existant. He has been really up and down this season, which leads to people saying he is playing inconsistent. Hearing Dorsett come out and say we are getting open is the one that rubs me the wrong way as it just comes off as passing the buck. It comes off like hey we are getting open it is Luck and the OL who is not getting us the ball. I am sure a lot of it was out of frustration, but whatever is going offensively they better figure it out because that offense has to score 30+ every game if we have any hope of winning a game the rest of this season.
  14. I understand the disdain many have for the PC culture and I agree in some cases it has gone to far, but comparing them to Nazis is just laughable and nobody is going to take your arguements seriously. I am trying to understand your argeuement here. So it is PC for an employer to fire an employee because of their actions taken in their private life, which then negatively affects the employer, correct?
  15. I guess Kronke has not seen this because we all could have told him how it is going to go season after season with Jeff Fisher. .
  16. Maybe he holds onto the ball because guys cannot get open. It is not like we have WRs who can go up and make a play if Luck toss it up there. Moncrief's injury has really hurt our offense as he is the only one who can go up and make a catch. Your not going to fix the Colts until the draft and free agency. Our team is just not good and we are void of talent in vital areas. OLB, DL, OL and corner need to be our focus this offseason and we must get an impact OLB who can rush the passer or our defense will continue to struggle. Hopefully, being two years removed from his knee injury Anderson can return to form and sure up that run defense.
  17. This is to good of an article by Bill Barnwell to be lost in a sticky thread. When you you cobine 2013, 2014, and 2015 we had 20 picks and of those picks only 7 of those players are still on our active roster. When you whiff on 65% of your draft picks over a three year span it is not Andrew Luck's contract that is the problem. It is the inability of the GM to draft properly.
  18. I always wonder if posters like the OP even think things out before they post stuff like this. I imagine he is not a fan of Grigson either so lets assume that we do trade Luck and get a kings ransom for him. Do you really have faith that Grigson, who has whiffed on guys like Richardson, Werner, and potentially Dorsettt, can nail all of those picks to be worth giving up your franchise QB? If you trade Luck you are firing Pagano and Grigson as well as there is no way you can say this team is where it is just solely on Luck. So now you have no franchise QB, no coach, nor a GM. That is just way to much to have to deal with in two offseasons. Yes, Luck is making some bad decisions out there, but when you are in a position that you have to make a play and score every drive it is bound to happen. This team is in the same position as Manning's team. It all depends on Luck to make up for the impotence of the rest of the team. He struggles and it is over. So of course he is going to force things and take chances because he knows he has to. His defense gives up 14 points in 3 minutes. Luck is the least of our worries. How about we solidify our OL and a get something that resembles a profesional defense before we look at Luck?
  19. Do not be to hard on the guy because you know the burden of Luck's contract is just to much. It is not like he had three other years to help build a pass rush or an offesnive line. This contract just came out of the blue and nobody forsaw having to pay one of the best young QBs out there a big contract. Even if we get a top 5 or 10 pick does anyone have faith that Grigson will nail the pick and get us the pass rusher we desperately need. I am sure he will take a pass rusher, but he will probably end up being a bust just like Dorsett is on his way to being.
  20. Don't worry guys we still have a few more seasons of him. Blows first round picks and uses his QB's contract as a crutch. Totally feel confident he will magically turn it around.
  21. How does one get surprised by these type of threads on April 1st? They are just lame.
  22. It is actually a pretty smart move as China is a huge untapped market for the NFL. Look at movies for example. Movies here can tank, but they release in China and they easily make a killing over there. The NBA loves being in the Chinese market as that is more people to sell their stuff to and that is what the NFL wants a piece of. Not surprised at all, but I do find it funny that the NFL comes down hard on Georgia, but then is turning around and giving a game to China who is well known for human rights issues. If Georgia was an untapped market like China NFL would not have said anything about their legislation. It is all about the money to the NFL.
  23. Google Shaun King and you will see why it makes sense that is why he wrote the piece. He is a big civil rights activist and is well known for his work in the Black Lives Matter movement. This is solely about him being upset that Cam was treated poorly and Manning is beloved. I am sure he assumes that Cam is being treated poorly not because he acted like a petulant child up there, but because he was black. Peyton is treated well and with kid gloves because he is white and he wrote this piece to tear him down.
  24. Wait this guy is afraid that fans will not turn in for the first meaningful game of the NFL season? Does he even fallow the NFL? As jvan said, you could put the Browns and Lions out there for the first game and it would get huge ratings.
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