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  1. One week the defense needs major overhauls, the next it is working just fine. One week Caldwell is the man and doing a great job, the next he needs to win a game to keep his job. Either the guy is a delusional clown or he is suffering from dementia or some other medical condition.
  2. My first game at LOS was in 2008 vs. the Bears for the grand opening regular season game. That night was a little strange. I just had the sense that the fans weren't really into the game because so many of us were just checking out the new stadium and whining and moaning about our new seat locations, plus the Bears did a good job of taking us out of the game. I bet if you go to one of the remaining games this year the atmosphere will be pathetic. LOS is a great modern stadium, the seats are comfortable and it is an interesting place just to look at, but with that being said, the atmosphere
  3. I believe it was 1-2. Including a 21 point comeback against Houston in which he threw for over 300 yards.
  4. It didn't matter what Belichick did in 2007. There is already a huge asterisk next to all of his accomplishments from prior to 2007.
  5. I'm not really surprised, it is just shocking to see a team that has had so much success be so terrible so suddenly. Also, I would argue that there is a pretty big difference between going 3-13 and 0-16
  6. This. No one is going to give up a significant draft pick for a 36 year old coming off his 3rd neck surgery. If he is healthy, the Colts have to keep him because they will have a heck of a better chance of winning a Super Bowl with PM for the next 3 years then they would while trying to develop Luck.
  7. We would only be the 2nd team to go 0-16 ever, we would go down as one of the worst ever. We haven't even been competitive in a long time.
  8. I always suspected that if we lost Peyton for a season we would have a very hard time winning even one game, but now that it is actually happening, it is stunning to see. We are really getting close to being 0-16 and going down as one of the worst teams, if not the worst team in NFL history. With all of the success that this team has had over the past decade that they would just roll over and not even compete, not win one single game is so completely ridiculous that I don't even know what to think. I know we have some good players, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are the best pass rushing
  9. The Detroit Lions already proved that it is possible, but just for good measure we want to remind everyone that it can be done.
  10. If Fox would actually take the reigns off of him all game and let him run his high tempo style for the whole game his stats would look a lot better.
  11. You don't get it. He is never going to be a guy that throws for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns but he lifts everybody in that organization. Look at that team when he plays then look at that team when he doesn't play, it is undeniable that he lifts that team emotionally and makes them believe they can win every time. He took over a 3-10 team last year and they went 2-1 when he took over. This year he took over a 1-4 team and they have gone 7-1 since he took over.
  12. Did anybody see Ditka just rip Merril Hodge on Countdown this morning? Hodge has probably been Tebow's biggest critic and Ditka just ripped him to his face this morning LOL.
  13. like Fili Moala (DIU)? Like Dede Dorsey (carrying a handgun without a permit)? Like Dom Rhodes (DIU)? Like Taj Smith (DUI)? Like Pat McAfee (swimming in the canal)? Or my personal favorite, Bill Polian who beats up opposing teams employees?
  14. This year just continues to prove how great Peyton has been. Of all the quarterbacks in the "GOAT" discussion, none of them had to deal with the ineptitude around them like Peyton has had to deal with.
  15. They let him walk as a free agent because he was coming off of a serious shoulder injury and a lot of people weren't sure he was going to be able to completely recover and play at a high level again.
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