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  1. The amount of Big Ben I see is surprising. I like the guy, he's a good QB most of the time, but him, Eli, Rivers will always share the same spot imo. 1 Brady...duh 2 Rodgers...duh 3 Brees....total stat padder, but still a great qb 4 Ryan...won't stay here, but just won the MVP, he's kinda gotta be here. 5 Carr...been pretty darn good for the last 2yrs HM: Ben(always hurt goes 500/5 1 game then 3weeks of 180/1/2), Cam gotta stay healthy, Luck gotta stay healthy, Wilson/Stafford but I'm still not sure what those 2 are
  2. I get that Julio is hot right now. And he's great. No doubt about it. But AB is another level. But the last 3 years it's no question. AB 47g/371rec/4816yds/35tds JJ 45g/323rec/4873rec/20tds and this is without Return yards or Tds... heck even obj: 43g/288rec/4122yds/35 tds I feel trumps Julio. TDs imo are where it's at and Julio just can't do it.
  3. Can't believe Bird didn't add another big man to take time away from a young potential stud. Cant believe he didn't go get another perimeter player that can't shoot from the perimeter or play defense. Dream scenario next year starting 5 of ?/Reddick/PG/Thad/Turner
  4. Mechanical and Architects are just doodles without PLS/Civil.....im just saying.....
  5. Thats kind of the point of this. Pro bowl has what 80 players in it when it's all said and done? And none of our guys are pro bowl caliber. They don't need to be super stars. And there's nothing wrong with being a jag, there's 400 of them in the NFL. But I just think there's 40 guys capable of being Moncrief, 30 can be mewhort. Every team in the league has a Good and a Green. Every team in the league has 2 Dorsetts. i agree with your assessment of getting some super star level talent. That would be great for all these guys.
  6. Mewhort is above average so I guess he's a BB The rest are jags. yall got low standards.
  7. Yes pretty much every team cheats one way or another. And frankly I don't care. To many variables to care in my opinion. I don't care that there was .02psi short in a ball that was over thrown by 2". I don't care that crowd noise may or may not have made the team call a timeout, I don't care that the olb has roids in his system vs a RT that may or may not also have those in him....it could lead to an advantage, sure, but there are so many advantages on a sports field it's minuscule because it all comes down to execution by the 11 guys on the field..... That wr is 4" taller and 2sec faster than the db. Advantage. Better take that away....It all comes clean on the field after 100+ plays and reffing.....
  8. I really dont see the problem.....Julio is amazing. But hes Andre Johnson 2.0....He doesn't score enough. Last 2 years: Player A: 347targets, 242 rec, 3123 yards, 24 TDs Player B: 332targets, 219rec, 3280 yards, 14 TDs
  9. This really surprises me to see so many take Julio. Id take Brown. And I'd take AJ Green, obj, and a healthy Dez (which my be a unicorn at this point) over Julio. Maybe even a guy on the come up like Mike Evans.....Can't really go wrong with Julio, he just doesn't score enough for my taste.
  10. I feel your way off base on TO. Him playing in the SB weeks after snapping his leg in two, and having a great game speaks volumes to me. Sure he was a loud mouth diva, and didn't have the best hands, but he was legitimately great and deserves to be in over Bruce, who is also deserving.
  11. IndyTrav

    Mike Vick

    I didnt scroll back to look. But if he truly wrote that. No ghost writer or "dictated to" then I think he's got a real future as a writer. He painted some pretty excellent pictures, and was very eloquent in his selection of stories and thoughts.....I'll buy his book the day it comes out if it's as thoughtful and well done as this open letter.
  12. Dakich is the best and worst to listen too. The hot takes he's been driving home the last couple of months have been. Luck isn't that great. And Lebron James doesn't deserve days off Bc he doesn't work as hard as most Americans. It's the best.
  13. I don't really care about who came after him or before him. All I care about is production. And he hasn't produced anything more than late round and FA WRs produce for every other team in the NFL. After 2 years it was a bad pick. It could change in 2 years, who knows.
  14. I'm not surprised no Colt made it... Luck wasn't going to with Ryan, Carr, Rodgers, Brady standing in his way.....TY may have led the league in yards, but his roughly 100yd lead on these guys doesn't out weigh the more receptions, and the significantly more TDs they have over TY....I am surprised about Julio making it 1st team. I don't think I would have included him at all, instead I'd replace him with Jordy who had roughly 15 more rec, 8more TDs and roughly 150less yards.... As for Pat, he's a punter. Not gonna pretend I know anything about any other punter in the league.
  15. Uh no it's not. You clearly have your opinion and won't be swayed so there is no need for further discussion.
  16. I personally don't think he cheated so I don't know the answer to your question.
  17. Man for man I'm not arguing those guys weren't better than ours. But in the context of the teams they were on, they were THE guys. And i keep seeing you mention how this team went to an AFC championship game.....no they didnt, and you know it...these teams aren't even comparable. Entirely new coaching staff, OL, DL, DBs, and the offensive weapons. Too continually bring up something from 2013 is completely irrelevant.
  18. They were more reliant? I remember two years ago Mathis was Dpoy candidate, Vonte was shut down corner, Freeman was a respectable ILB. Now we are 8-8 for 2years. Seems to have had an impact. I agree losing Harbaugh is huge. And replacing him with a bad coach really hurts a team. Just like having Pagano. 8-8. As of Sunday Doyle is a FA, he currently doesn't play for us. Swoope has been in the league 2 years and has 15rec. Let's not crown his juuuuust yet....Allen has fallen off a cliff. Not only that, he's costing us a lot of $ in the process. Comparing Luck and Kaep does suck. Lucks currently 10-12 in the last 2 years and has been beaten to a pulp, and has racked up some pretty good garbage time #s. If we played in the NFC west we'd play Sea/Ari/Stl....we'd be lucky to go 2-4.
  19. This is kind of the point I'm making. Those bad things are currently happening to the Colts. In 3 years time they went from good to bad, and we are teetering on doing the same. In 3 years they lost/hurt/suspended some of there best def players (Mathis/Vonte/Anderson/Freeman come to mind on our end), they are/were saddled by bad coaching, as we currently are, they lost a good WR, we lost Wayne, there TE fell off a cliff, so did ours, they've busted on several drafts, as have we, there young upcoming qb took a lot of hits, got hurt, lost his confidence. Ours has had 2/3 of that.....honestly if the Colts played last year or this year in the NFC west would our record be a whole lot better than SFs? Maybe what, 4-5 games better over 2years. Bad football teams don't happen over night. But it does happen quickly. And the Colts appear to be at a cross roads of if they are gonna be SF bad, SD bad, or a good team.
  20. Oh ok I see the confusion. I was implying he punishes the other team if they make a mistake. Not his own team. That's Bill nonsense job
  21. Let's be fair here. Brady threw over 400 passes and had 28tds 2int and the 2nd best completion % of his career.....maybe, just maybe, that story line was over blown and he's a really really really good qb?
  22. Bettis had a lot going for him. Good career. Marquee team. Cinderella finishing story. Works in media. Well liked by peers. Him making it in was a no brainer with those factors.
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