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  1. This cold weather argument is asinine. tell me.. where is Denver? Colorado. what does it do in Colorado during the fall and winter? It gets butt cold and snows. it is an irrational and unfounded argument that of all teams.. Denver, Colorado Broncos.. cannot play in cold weather. thats like saying the Buccaneers cant play in humidity... what??!!
  2. Thats pretty rude bravehearcolt. rude indeed. I broke down plays that were detrimental to the Broncos losing. If you want a full game break down analysis, I can do that as well. as far as I'm concerned Denver's offense is by far superior to the colts. Injuries are taking a toll, to argue it is not is homeristic. Denvers defense is one I cannot understand. Del Rio should know 7 games into the season playing zone soft is not working. Woodyard out hurt more than some may realize. He is the Defensive team captain. I reminisced today to see the same issues from the Colts during the Manning era. Poor O Line, Defense lacking serious contention, and Peyton having to press passes where he should not be. It is Polian Indy all over again. I feel for Peyton. Guy just cant catch a break. I see the bandwagon Peyton loves have jumped ship. I still sit here and wont leave it. I'm loyal if anything. My feeling is that Luck has time. Peyton does not, which is why I am pulling for him more. Guy gets alot of credit, but also way too much blame.
  3. Mathis has it right.. but think about this Robert... whats your excuse while Peyton was in Indy? Cause whats happening in Denver happened in Indy for years. Now Robert, you are being held accountable and dont have Peyton to bail you out all the time. The Colts defense actually has to play to win instead of relying on Peyton to score upwards of 30+ points per game to win. Had it not been for the Hillman fumble, I think Denver overtakes the game and wins. That fumble was the butchering of the game. Peyton was hit, hurried and sacked way, way too many times last night. I felt thing weren't being called appropriately on the Colts Defense. There was alot of holding and PI's that weren't called. The Broncos receivers were molested all game and the refs let it go, then call PI on Moreno???!!! That was bull in a crap basket. Denver fans are saying, 'its not the defenses fault', but reality it is. When you allow 39 points.. it is mostly your fault. They cannot expect or rely on Peytons offense to score 40+ points per game in order to win. That game plan is just asinine and unfathomable. IMO, Peyton is and will always be the GOAT, always a Colt, and I will not root against him, for him to get hurt, ect. He has earned that through his play and his on and off the field class. No real fan would root against him, hope for him to get hurt or loose. He isnt the Enemy as others have put it. He is a Colt for life, therefore never the enemy. He is a QB. He is a class act. He deserves our upmost respect.
  4. Based on their cupcake schedule due to loosing so many last year.. its not surprising to me. They had some good players, just lacked a average QB and consistency.
  5. It was the most horrific game I have ever seen. I'm a Peyton fan. Always will be, always have been. For anyone to make a comment that he choked, you should be taken out back and shown how to show some respect. He did not choke. I hated ever single minute of that game, I hate today, the day after, and so on. I saw the hurt in his eyes, he was visibly upset before, during and after the game. He tried not to look around, but couldnt help it. I teared up at the tribute to him and the look his face had. I hope to never have to see them play again. But if they do.. let it be in Denver to even out the playing field.
  6. Denver's defense doesn't allow a run game, so what makes you think Richardson will all the sudden be the only back that to run against the Broncos??
  7. so what if he roots for Denver.. Really who give Gilly. what do you care.
  8. are you in denial or what? Anyone with any football knowledge knows the story behind Manning and Leaf. Duh.
  9. I think I'm coming and going to wear my Manning Broncos jersey and carry my colts purse... yep.
  10. humm.. let me weigh in.. Lets see.. the colts would have drafted Leaf and went down faster than a bowling ball off the empire state building. thats what would have happened.
  11. I was at the game and the Denver fans and city are pathetic at best. It was really quite sickening thelack of support shown in the city for their team. Fans were obnoxious, stadium sucks, and the booing at half time was bull. FANS yelling while the offense was on the field.. pathetic. I stood up and told them to shut up. Oddly enough they did. Huh.. anyway, Manny had a horrible day snapping to Peyton. So many low snaps at Peyton's feet and knees.. bad. Moreno is one angry dude.. runs angry, plays angry, walks angry.. just an angy guy
  12. says someone who doesn't even know me............... Frankly...... I am.
  13. Off to see Peytipie, haha!

  14. 'Leave it to beaver'.. to disgrace anything Peyton's done..
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