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  1. I'm not in Indy, but I always have to make allowances for my wife wherever we go, and option one always involves dropping her off in front and then going to park alone. Bus to Cab obviously offers the advantage of both of you getting dropped, but there is the small matter of finding one when you want it (and timing the buses). If I was you I would all LOS and find out exactly what allowances they make for those with restrictions (All stadiums do) and work backwards from there. Other thoughts: Perhaps there is a park and ride to the stadium from somewhere in Indy. What about train? I know
  2. Alright, I remembered to pick. Went in the other day and did "all favorites" just to have something in just in case, and then tweaked it this morning. Three games different from you and Allyouneedisluck (and two different than SilentHill) this afternoon. Get them all and I'm right back in it. :thmsup: Miss them all and I drop like a stone. It would be more fun if I still had the NFL package.
  3. Oh, are you talking about this? I've been wondering why I've been sleeping 23 1/2 hours per day, missing pick deadlines right and left. Love English Breakfast actually, and think I may have a bag left, and I heard the pot whistling a few minutes ago. Excuse me
  4. Not much in the way of "smack talk" this year. First post in 16 days - and the only person I'm smacking is myself. Second place in the pool - already lost enough picks to forgetfulness to have cost me a tie for first, and today I completely forgot to do my 1pm picks for the second time!. :slaphead: Sometimes I that I must need . Just :sick: in the :manning: .
  5. Third time in seven weeks I forgot to make my Thursday pick. :slaphead:
  6. :: I guess my subconscious couldn't bear to even write it.
  7. But if you never get them right, then I will, but that would be wrong. I almost changed it at the last minute as well. One could say that I can't lose with this pick - either I get it right in the pool or I get the satisfaction of Vick losing. I'm more inclined to think that I lose either way. Either the :sick: Eagles win, or the Chiefs keep the lead in the NFC West.
  8. I hate the fact that I picked the Eagles tonight. I figured they would have the edge at home (in prime time) with their new offense this early in the season, but that means rooting for Vick. :barf: Why I did that to myself I have no idea. I'm glad the Chiefs are up at the half, and look forward to getting this game completely wrong.
  9. MAC


  10. Isn't that nuts! I was comfortable with my upset picks, but all those comebacks and tight games falling exactly right was just ridiculous. Perhaps I should retire from the pool, because there's only one way to go. Buying a Powerball ticket today and looking both ways very carefully before crossing the street . Lady Luck can be even less predictable than a football pool.
  11. Watch, I'll forget to enter this one too. : : By the way, Yahoo has those convenient email reminders, but I didn't want to give them my real address so the messages were sent to the new Yahoo address. For some reason I couldn't get my email program to recognize it, so the only way to retrieve them is to log in to Yahoo. If I remember to login to Yahoo, I've probably also remembered to enter the pool - rendering the reminders considerably less than useless.
  12. Alas that ship has sailed. Look at my post again. And Allyouneedisluck did EXACTLY the same thing - picked Tampa like me and then forgot to pick this week. It's that dang Thursday cutoff. Actually the survival pools appear to have the option of a Sunday cutoff - which in my opinion makes more sense. Why punish someone for missing a start time? They didn't derive a benefit by waiting, they just missed the chance to pick those teams. The "five minutes before game time" cutoff in the pickem pool makes the most sense (unless you are used to a 1pm cutoff like me, which is why I was in for a surpr
  13. I did exactly the same thing - picked against the Jets and then forgot to pick altogether. This five days after neglecting to pick 5 games in Coltman's pool. What an :cuss: I was looking forward to the survival pool as well. Some people I worked with used to do it every year and it sounded cool, but I didn't feel like putting up the money. So here I get a chance to play for fun, and I shoot myself in the foot. :tvhammer:
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