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  2. Umm Tillery which has been mentioned multiple times..
  4. I don't think Houston traded up. The Eagles traded up and selected Dillard.
  5. Ballard getting a 1st and 3rd from the Rams to move back to No.31, most likely, based on rumors from this morning!!!
  6. I have no idea where Ballard goes with this?
  7. I just don’t get how this guy went from the 3rd option to the 1st round in one year lol
  8. Colts fans rejoice, Josh Jacobs is gone!!!
  9. Well, unless Bmore snags him he could be wearing Blue!
  10. Tillery, Tillery, Tillery, say it with me...
  11. There will be 10 minutes of commercials when Colts are on the clock probly!
  12. He was cleared of that this afternoon, combine docs misdiagnosed
  13. We won’t draft him if he’s there. Got to be a reason the other 25 teams haven’t taken him.
  14. Jeffrey Simmons just had a video of him beating the crap out of a female. He may never play in the NFL
  15. Sweat has a heart condition... not clear how serious?
  16. no wr, rb or cb taken yet. That's nuts
  17. Raiders should go brown or metcalf this pick after losing cooper and jordy
  18. At least the Texans didn't triple down on the AFC South pass rushers.
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