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AR Injured! Questionable for the game


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1 hour ago, csmopar said:

Just got an NFL dot com fantasy alert. AR is questionable for this weeks game Vs Texans. Anyone seen this anywhere else?

That's the way Fantasy sites work. If a player didn't return during the game or had some sort of medical treatment during the game, they start next week for the player with questionable tag, until he either gets full practice during the week or until he's taken off the injury report.


By NFL league rule as well, Teams need to start the week with injured players listed with the kind of injury player had in the last game. Otherwise, such niggles go unreported, and that's not fair to other teams. Also, league, teams and fans need to know what injury every player goes through during the course of the season. 


So, most probably Colts injury report will need to list AR with the injury on Wednesday, and his level of participation in practice. If he's really completely fine, Colts can report full practice on Wednesday itself, and Fantasy leagues  update him as healthy. 

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Probably not true but it will be true soon enough if AR doesn’t protect himself. Unfortunately it appears AR is following Luck's path of taking on linebackers as a rookie. Steichen should force him to slide. It should obvious to Steichen we don’t have the Eagles oline.

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