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    • Last I checked it's only week 5 of a 17 week season. Sort yourself out.
    • New GM, new Coach, and Stroud with Taylor in his prime + and Pittman, Woods, and Pierce.
    • I'm going to say pull the trigger and do it. The day the season ends pull the plug on this regime.   Let the new GM and HC evaluate and pick what talent they want to keep and sell whatever you can to accumulate more picks. I know there's probably not a lot of takers but maybe some team might want someone. We need bullets for the draft. Ideally try to find a way to move up within the top 15-20ish at least if we have a pick within the top 3. Top 3 gets you a decent QB prospect this year. Top 15 go best LT available and let him and Raimann battle it out. I didn't factor in WR or DE because we'll be in range again the next year for that more than likely and we'll have a better sample size of Paye and Pierce by that time.   This approach probably takes longer than some would like. I'm not saying we're all trash either. We have some good pieces but in my opinion not the right spots. I know it would be hard to swing and get two top 20 picks. I over simplified a bit but hey I've seen crazier on draft day and crazier turnarounds as well.    
    • I've been off the Reich bandwagon from the start. He is totally emotionless. I think a head coach needs some emotion and fire to get a team ready to play. We come out flat every game. Name a coach that is successful Who doesn't show emotion and doesn't get p!$$ed at his player when they do something stupid. I am disappointed that someone like Nelson or Buckner doesn't get in their teams face and try to get their teammates fired up.  Ryan has been baad and as much as I don't think Elinger is the answer I think he could bring some excitement to the team and at this point would not be much worse than Ryan. I am really down on this team and definitely want some changes. 
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