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Rams @ Colts, Sept. 19, 2021, 1:00pm ET (12 Noon CT)


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Just now, JediXMan said:

Keep them to a FG please.

They'll just make tweaks at half time and come right out and #in boat race whatever zone nonsense flus trots out there to start the half.  He's scared of McVey and seems fine giving up 20+ as long as it's slow and doesn't make Flus look like he's completely incompetent.

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Just now, SchlicterSZN said:

He always seems hurt.  It's likely because people just expect him to be better than what a "Baker Mayfield" is in reality.


I've never gotten that impression. Has he ever missed a game?


Tyrod Taylor is making Texans fans forget about other QBs. 10-10 125 yards, 2 TD (one passing, one running)

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1 minute ago, Coltsman1788 said:

Didn’t Irsay just give him and Ballard extensions.  He is not going anywhere soon.  IMO…Irsay should have waited on Reich to see if Carson is any good since Frank wanted him here. If Carson deal goes south and Colts are losing games then they look silly extending Reich. 


Yes, but keep in mind this is the same Irsay who mindlessly extended Pagano along with Grigson in 2016 when he could have had Sean Payton instead.


Jim’s decision making with these things is not very good...

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Just now, CobraKai344 said:

Im Honestly shocked we’re only down 10-3 with how bad we’ve screwed up.  Maybe there is hope haha

It's been messed up so much the Colts should be up by a TD right now.. 


Really strange first half honestly. In some ways, better than I though, in other ways, a Shakespearian tragedy  

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