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  2. His Raptors just won the NBA Title as well. He has had some great sports karma come his way
  3. I am not worried. They both practiced Monday so I am sure It was just a day to test injuries. It’s something to watch though to see if it carries over to Sunday. He has had very good success against Hopkins.
  4. Congrats to Nationals fans everywhere, including our buddy @NorthernBlue. His Capitals won a championship recently and now his Nats have won the pennant, without the $300+ million man Harper. Are the Colts next? Good luck to the Nats in the World Series.
  5. so Marcus Hunt was a big favorite of mine going into last year and he played outstanding ball finishing with 5 sacks and a force fumble. However within 5 games so far this season he hasn't really done much which makes me wonder with the addition of Houston will Hunt be out the door after this year?
  6. Fuller usually doesn't even finish any game where we have played him healthy. He starts off healthy and then ends up injured. I don't ever really remember too many games where Fuller was an impact.
  7. Everybody knows Chloe just has to have something to worry about! Desir is just coming off an injury and probably shouldnt have even played against the Chiefs. They are probably just resting him as precaution.
  8. DNP doesn't mean "Could not". If it did, it would be CNP.
  9. He was almost but polian overruled Dungy
  10. I don’t remember the last time the Colts have played the Texans with a healthy Fuller and Hopkins. I still have trauma from Keke Coutee looking like a top-10 WR against us...And they should all be playing if I’m not mistaken. It’ll be a fun one at Lucas Oil! I’ll be up in the nose bleeds screaming my head off
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  12. Wow after a week off Desir and Moore still couldn’t practice. If they can’t go Sunday that would be disasterous.
  13. Keep in mind that three of the Jaguars recent #1’s are no longer on their team. Funny enough they are all on Rams.
  14. Unless somehow NY had a view we didn't get on that Int. , Indy was truly hosed. The only thing that makes sense is they "figured" the ball would not bounce that high off the receivers hands .. it was more like a "bounce "caused by the ground. Probably this is true... chances are it more than likely hit his hands and the ground but that's a terrible reversal if the case. ] The Hilton PI not being reversed was as some are saying here... don't bother if sledge hammers or ropes are not involved in the play.
  15. ok.... seems like everyone thinks the Jags won this trade. I kind of disagree. Ramsey is a difference maker on a defense. The dude is easily a top 3 CB in the league. The Jags could draft a CB with both the 1st round picks they got and most likely will not end up with a CB even close to as good as Ramsey. It is hard to find the real stars in the draft and when you get one on your team, it is never good to have to get rid of him just to try and find a replacement. Congrats Jax, you now suck on offense AND defense
  16. Deshaun of the dead or Watson? Rock Ya Sin!
  17. The Original SACK PACK in the late 70s Dutton,Barnes,Cook, Ehermann
  18. De"Yawn" Watson. I did my part so now we will win!
  19. I never understood how/why their offense was so good. I know TB/Winston put up big numbers, and I'm sure that D must be their problem side of the ball, but I just think that O has gotten by on smoke and mirrors for a long time. They've still got Blythe playing G, IIRC.
  20. good post this got me thinking about some stuff I think GMS are saying there are usually about 20 guys really worth a first round pick in each draft, then there isnt much difference 21-50 or so. Ballard seems to like trading for more picks in the 30-50 range. Texans and Rams like trading up or away to go for what they think are the elite guys. it looks like nobody likes drafting in the last part of the first round unless they are looking for a QB
  21. I think it's that ice-rink vacuum cleaner thing-a-ma-jig...
  22. I'm getting lower on Fromm... that last game was the complete embodiment of my biggest worries with him and I really cannot stand a QB like that when things go even slightly awry. He just lacks two of the biggest things I want in my QB - pocket presence and playmaking. Here's a revised mid-October ranking for me 0. Tua(we are not getting him) 1. Justin Herbert 2. Joe Burrow 3. Jordan Love 4. Jake Fromm 5. Jacob Eason 6. ???
  23. Maybe.... but I still think he's a little slow to be an above average pass rusher, and at his college weight, he may be a little small to be an above average run defender. Maybe weight gain is leading to his injuries though? It seems like his injury last year was a foot injury and this year is a knee (both parts of the body which become more prone to injury if you're carrying too much weight).
  24. Interesting draft pick analysis regarding round 1 vs 2. Ballard seems to have a liking for round 2. and it certainly seems like our scouting dept. is very good. If we win this Sunday, which I am having my doubts actually, but if we do I wonder if Ballard might be tempted to package our no.1 for a proven talent like Williams or Parker or Sanu for example and get a 2 back as part of the trade. A win would definitely make us contenders and adding a strong starting caliber player might be tempting while still not losing a pick but just dropping back one round. Just an idea that might make sense for the right player.
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