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5 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


I feel like he's good enough that you won't just burn it all down and move on, but not good enough to be the guy. Andy Dalton syndrome.

Ideally, Wentz is probably a little better than Dalton, but.. here we are. I think that's about right. QB purgatory in a way.


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8 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


How would  you describe Wentz using a classic QB? He's an odd one sometimes. Good arm, not bad physically (pre-injuries certainly), not the worst IQ, but never seemed to kick on after that purple patch. 


But I wouldn't call him a Favre-like gunslinger.



Wentz IMO can do a little of everything. He'll never be a Rivers quick trigger guy though, and he'll never be a big brain laser arm like Manning. 


I think he'll be fine in time for us. He needs an OL, and he needs chemistry with the pass catchers. OL and WR injuries have simply hurt his development and transition. 

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