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1 minute ago, Indyfan4life said:

Do our wide receivers ever get separation? I’m seriously questioning how this doesn’t happen? We see other teams with WR just running around all day, but we never have that. Ever. 

Pitt was open, just OL caved quick. 

Wentz isn't Rivers either.

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Just now, bestQBever said:

Carson Wentz has average to below average football IQ with immense arm talent. That doesn't work with an O line like this. Offense will continue to look like this until Q and Braden come back

Typical Colts fan.... If we suck it must be the QB, cause that's all we know is QB play....

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1 minute ago, SchlicterSZN said:

Lmao....you think that's on Wentz.  Throw it where, plant what foot?  There were THREE DL literally in his pants..... Gthoh with the holding it too long on that play.

Yes.  Once he was under attack it was on Wentz.  He should have at least thrown it away like smart QBs all across the country know to do.  

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