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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • That's almost throwing away a player that has been a big part of the success we've had over the years, simply because he's underperforming in the first half of this season.  I'm not saying that maybe on a pure business decision level that might be a fair deal, but I think from both a PR and especially locker room impact perspective, that would be a horrible trade.     Good organizations simply don't do that to good employees.  You address it when the contract comes up in a few months.  JMO.
    • So hypothetically, of Packers offered us a 4th round pick tomorrow, you would accept it?   Will be a late 4th at that.     I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes there can be addition by subtraction(ie; OBJ). Where a QB doesn't feel pressure to target said WR and spreads ball around more. I am not sure I see the same thing with TY though.(only averaging 6 targets a game, which is a team high) l. I think that says more about how well we are already spreading the vall around.   For the record, I wouldn't accept a late 4th for Hilton. Would consider a 3rd, but that would really exasperate the lack of veteran leadership in the group.
    • I don't think the Packers are giving up a 4th rounder for a 30 year old WR on an expiring contract.    And going back to the crux of the matter, there's no reason for the Colts to bail on this season right now. 
    • I'll tell you what I told Superman. Hilton to the Packers for a 4th rounder. They are interested in Will Fuller, so we could trade them Hilton for a 4th.
    • Harris to PS during this week.  I figured he'd be retained instead of Fountain, but was wrong.  IMO, Harris will be called up before Fountain will though.  I think Harris just needs more reps on the PS whereas Fountain is kind of a known quantity at this point.
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