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    • On the other hand, Jacoby Brissett is what 31 out of 32 on QB sneaks this year in 3 games?? He sure learnt the art of QB sneak from Tom Brady. Browns are getting their money's worth for the backup QB to make up for that ridiculous contract for Watson.  
    • The O still pretty much sucks but the D played a whale of a game.. Going with the Colts cause of home field. Colts 23  Titans 20.
    • We can only hope! In his younger days Gates was absolutely uncoverable, with terrific hands that could catch any ball near him no matter how hard  it was thrown.
    • Pinter is another one of these guys that I’m not sure how they “earned” a starting role. We’ve seen this in the Ballard era a few times where we’ve had a guy who was a great starter but departs in FA and is replaced by a drafted player who isn’t as good. Okereke replacing Walker is another example.   I find it really hard to believe that Pinter was the best RG in camp. To me it shows some favoritism and a lack of true competition. He’s not good at all. TBH I’d put Smith at RG and Rainman at RT. Dennis Kelly at LT once he’s healthy. This off-season if not this season, they need to bring in serious competition at RG, LT, and Center IMO. It’s inexcusable for our GM to say that Pryor and Pinter were the best they could get at LT and RG.
    • AP and Pitt will/should get 85% of the snaps as the boundary WRs, with AP tending to get more vertical routes than Pitt, but they may both be pretty interchangeable....at times.   Parris and Dulin will have to compete for the slot spot, so each should be getting strong looks there.  Their speed should allow for some vertical routes from the slot while the boundary receivers take more possession routes...at times.   But slot requires more than just speed, in fact, agility is more important.  Slot should be able to create a 15/20 yard gain from a 5 yard pattern...ON THEIR OWN,....from their own talent.  Don't know if Parris has that talent.  He may have at one time.    Looks like Parris has been given the chance to win the starting slot spot...with Dulin needed as a pure backup because of his ST prowess....likely destined for APs backup as Strachan/Patmon compete for Pitts backup.   In the end, Ballard may still need to draft a real slot receiver.   When both AP and Pitt are hurt...its scramble time as to who plays what when.  A real cluster.   But Marcus Brady coordinates the offense and works with the receivers directly during the week, so we'll see how this comes together as the season moves along.
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