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  1. My memory says we beat them in Pittsburgh last with Dominic Rhodes catching a td to put us ahead on a wheel route up the right sideline.
  2. Worse things have happened to the Colts. In 1967 with a 14 game schedule the Colts entered the last game of the season with an undefeated record of 11-0-2 and proceded to lose that last game to the Rams to finish 11-1-2 and did not make the playoffs. The only guarantee to make the playoffs is when you control your own destiny resolve to win out. There is no justice except when you earn it by controlling what you can control.
  3. Yes it was Burton that didn't get to his block let alone make it.
  4. Hated it, Rivers started off the field and then was turned around and sent back out, the play seemed rushed and If they were going to do it I would have preferred a timeout to be sure of the play and start with a full play clock, try to get them to jump, run it only if you like what you see if you don't take another timeout and you kick the field goal.
  5. Kenny Moore 10 solo tackles. WoW, just wow great game.
  6. No, The 1970 Super bowl team Volk Logan Bubba Hilton Billy Ray Miller Duncan Curtis and a young but very awesome Ted Hendricks.
  7. He's been great, last night he was super.
  8. Unless the defense plays an A++ game, stout against Henry by stacking the run and then produces 3-4 turnovers when the Titans do pass the Titans win by at least a touchdown minimum. I see zero chance that Rivers will not repeat his performance against Baltimore so the Defense will just have to save the day with super human play....not impossible but not likely. I never pick against the Colts (not out loud anyway) but I guess this time I am. Shame on me, may god strike me dead. A lot of fate tempting here...do not try this at home.
  9. Why the Colts are the NFL's most frustrating team.....Phillip Rivers and an unwavering Frank Reich.
  10. J.B. simulating Jackson on the scout team should help get the Colts defense ready for the real thing. This is a game that has to be won with the defense and special teams outplaying the Ravens for us to win.
  11. Agree totally it is not an apples to apples situation and recognize that my belief that the Colts would be better served by a binary QB solution (maybe 90%/10%) where J.B. might be used in a few scripted circumstances, especially considering they have very opposite strengths, is generally considered football heresy never to be considered.
  12. I agree we hear the message that was given differently and view the actions of the coach and front office in a different light as well.
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