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  1. When I said the Colts would be 0-4 since right now they are 0-3? 3 losses + 1 more loss = 4 losses?
  2. I can't predict the score but I think a combination of a tough Miami defense and a fired up JB playing over his head will spell 0-4 doom for the Colts. I will happily be wrong but as I said last week it's another loss coming our way.
  3. Hey, wait a minute, it's a two part statement so wouldn't that have to be "nonsense, nonsense", or nonsense and more nonsense, or nonsense and ultra nonsense?
  4. One might argue that Carson Wentz's ankles are the problem.
  5. If Wentz doesn't go we (the Colts) will be rolled. If Wentz does go we (the Colts) will be humiliated. There is no third option.
  6. The Jacob Eason era is over we've entered the Brett Hundley era now.
  7. The game will be decided on turnovers if the Colts get 2+ they win by 3 (a field goal), if the get less than 2 they lose by 7 or 10. 60-40 they get the 2 turnovers.
  8. Indianapolis Colts GM Chris Ballard: 'Consequences' for players unvaccinated against COVID-19. Those consequences will be felt on game day and will be served by the entire team being less ready to perform. There is no I in the word consequences.
  9. This season had promise but it will be ruined by the fact that the Colts have more than their share of players that have not gotten vaccinated and week 1 will be the first example in a season where missing players will cost the team.
  10. My memory says we beat them in Pittsburgh last with Dominic Rhodes catching a td to put us ahead on a wheel route up the right sideline.
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