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  1. If you think river only missed 1 throw today you saw a different game then I did. Fans overreacted to his play when we lost and are overreacting to his play in this win.
  2. Reich is recycling Adam Vinatieri leash so use last year as your guide.
  3. Every team we play is going to bring the pass rush because Rivers is an immobile statue that cannot hurt you with his legs or a strong arm and he absolutely cannot extend a play to give his receivers a chance. J.B. has a strong arm, can hurt teams with his running and can extend plays and drives with his mobility....he can sometimes make a team pay for bringing all game pass rush. At some point in the last game against the Browns stats were shown that Rivers absolutely is not connecting on intermediate routes and that is a problem.
  4. Like Adam last year we will once it's too late.
  5. I thought QB hell was Art Schlichter, Mike Pagel, Garry Hogeboom. Personally I think we are in QB purgatory.
  6. The thought process Reich used for Adam last year, which was flawed, a sort of ostrich process, is the same one he is using for Phillip. Past is prologue. The choice doesn't need to be either/or, it could be binary.
  7. A poll without Brissett as a option? C'mon man that's just cold.
  8. It's not about hate, it's about past is prologue. Reich is about to repeat the decision making process he used with Adam Vinatieri in regards to Phillip Rivers. Belief can be a part of the decision making process but if you do it with disregard for data you are foolish. The path to Phillip Rivers contributing to the Colts success is not binary (as in play take all the snaps as the starter or none of the snaps). The data is clear that Rivers is not the Rivers that Reich coached a few years ago. You can't ostrich the problems Rivers is having away....didn't work with Adam, won't work with Rivers
  9. Reich is a .500 coach. He was a .500 coach yesterday, he's a .500 coach today, he'll be a .500 coach tomorrow. The talent of the roster of this team (with the exception of the wide outs) is a lot higher than .500.
  10. I think there should be a third choice of both. I like that Rivers strengths and weakness are very dissimilar from those of JB. I would like to see a system where other teams might feel a need to prepare for 2 dissimilar QBs each week. If it is Rivers only, teams will prepare coverages and rush for a QB that is not threat out of the pocket if teams have to prepare for both it will be much harder. The idea of a relief QB has rarely been done but it absolutely can work Lamonica/Blanda.
  11. Does Grigson get any credit in your analysis for the positive personnel moves he has made? I'm thinking that many of the very small contract players acquired by Grigson are deserving of praise (Freeman, McNary, Rogers, Doyle, Whalen, Studebaker, Butler, Lynch, Overton, Hickman, Howell, Herron, Saunders). Role players all (except Freeman) but guys that have contributed significantly to our success the last 2 seasons. All these moves were for discarded players or players that never made a 53? There is a enormous churn for every teams bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the roster and isn't that where a savvy G
  12. The lyrics of the Rolling Stones express the dilemma best, "I can't get no……satisfaction". Should we beat New England tonight, Robert Mathis reminds us that satisfaction remains at bay because the goal is (winning) in New York. In my teens, I learned the hard math of the Super Bowl equation there is only one with satisfaction and it happens only once a year. In my naive youth I believed that the 1967 Colts arriving at the last game of the season undefeated was destine for the Super Bowl (by god yes they were that good) but of course that dream died on the turn of the point differential tie br
  13. All Colt fans are wondering right now what will happen on Saturday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium. As nervous as we all might be about some aspects of this game, especially the final score, I have no fear about the performance we will see from Andrew Luck tomorrow, I know he'll give superb effort, make some plays and display his ample talent. The game against the Chiefs will allow Andrew another step in his growth and reward all our players for their hard work this year. I know our Colts will play with together and with great effort in this one. I know our fans will be heard. Let's appreciate
  14. We're not going anywhere near the elite teams without better special teams play and we have no sign of that happening yet.
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