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  1. EXECUTION! Zero turnovers Zero pre snap penalties Zero drops by receivers Colts have the more talented and balanced offense, good lord look at the passing TD's comparison. We'll need a few big plays (chunks) but we've consistently got those so just don't beat ourselves.
  2. I fear him inside the 10 especially, he's a pushing the pile style runner and he's a problem on third and one or two as well.
  3. If the corners and safeties make plays we win....I fear penalties and the zebras most, then turnovers and third their stars on offense. If Dallas has success in 2/3 they could win.
  4. Pain is part of the game.....you have to root you way thru it....
  5. Only with a significant number of our own mistakes can we beat ourselves, dolphins won't stop the run and so won't be able to defend the play action pass either. Sans multiple turnovers, special teams mistakes, or multiple drive extending penalties...the Colts cover and win.
  6. Usually I like to watch and root against the competition but this year it's all about the Colts running the table....that's what I want.
  7. I can't stand George Cantstandsya. I like Anthony.
  8. At the end of the season, people will talk about how the offensive line helped Luck win the comeback award and reach his potential....but it started with Reich's plan to protect Andrew with play calling, scheme and a gradual progression. Josh McDaniel gets my vote as season mvp for quitting on us which was the luckiest thing that happened to the Colts since, well....Luck.
  9. Maybe he can make Josh McDaniel the answer to a trivia question someday....it would be sweet justice.
  10. Maulet is dumb...on the other hand, the penalty on Odin yesterday was a farce....
  11. It was a magical season. The first game of the season was against the Bears and some rookie named Walter Payton, Colts win 35-7, Payton gets 8 yards on 8 carries (if I remember right) and even though the Colts lost 4 straight you could see the talent and that they just needed to believe in Marchibroda's system and put the pieces together. When they won in Miami in the fog in the next to last game of the season it was a surreal moment. Does lightning strike twice? I don't know? I do know, from my perspective, this is the first Colts team in Indy, since maybe 99 or 05 that shows ability to run block and pass block equally well. Andrew with a clean pocket and a decent running game, we've never seen that and whatever happens, I'm excited.
  12. People didn't see the impossible run to the afc east crown in1975 either but it did happen and this team is a lot like that 75 team under uncle Ted.
  13. Face it Andrew is going to be comeback player of the year and I'm not afraid to say it this early.
  14. I liked Andrew's naked boot for a first down that's going to make DE's stay home on short yardage next time.
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