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  1. Me thinks the poll should really ask who should play the last three games judging from the answers, as opposed to "what should be done?"
  2. Each 11 players on the field for each snap/play of the final 3 regular season games should play hard/all out/100% effort, what will be will be....
  3. What's the theory why the Colts can't beat the Chargers? That's what I really want to know!!!
  4. You say tomato, I say tomahto. The Colts dominated the lines of scrimmage in the KC game yes, but the game no....it's not just about score, every team that has lost to the Colts thought they could/should win but I do think the Colts are about to dominate some teams soon, as in get a lead, continually beat the individuals in front of them as a group such that well before the end of the game the other team will know they are whipped.
  5. Game decided by less than a TD in final minutes....points for/against for the season are 143 to 138 Colts are a plus 5....there's no dominate win yet.
  6. We haven't had an easy or dominate win yet so thrashing a weak team is the next step in this Colts team proving itself. We'll get the chance to do that both at home and on the road. I like our chances to prove that this Colts team can be relied on to do just that.
  7. A "one off" is a one off, not a pattern. There's no discussion of concern to be had here.
  8. Easily. Why? The Colts play like a well coach team with low penalty calls and yardage. Flexible game planning week by week. No bad actors in the locker room....no temptations to acquire any.
  9. The defense is improving game by game and there are many young players that are off to very promising starts but to win 14 games you need a top 5 defense and they are not that. The Colts have not dominated a single opponent this season....yet.
  10. J.B. Made 4 or 5 obvious throw aways when he saw the play call wasn't there or coverage was too tight. I think that demonstrates his judgement and maturity that he understands you don't win or lose on 1 play, you win by making the plays you can and avoiding big mistakes at any cost. In the interview post game a reporter tried to give him an out for the fumbled snap and JB had none of it and owned the mistake of just not catching the ball. We are lucky to have him, it is one of the best trades we ever made up there with bubba smith for ray Chester.
  11. Charlie Stukes (cb) because his play was so frustrating.
  12. There's no tapes and nobody has a vcr, there is only digital video, please let analog references to tape rip.
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