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  1. In not so many words, is Ballard saying he wants to sign hungry players?
  2. ipljeff

    D'Quell Jackson interviewed on GMFB today

    This is the truth right here. JB has to get the ball out as soon as his back foot hits, trust it and let it rip. WRs were open early.
  3. ipljeff

    2017 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 3

    O no.... I do not like that chick. Nothing against her gender. She has that horrible, cheesy DJ type delivery that grates on me. Shuuny and Sheventy
  4. ipljeff

    Fantasy RB's

    Not always. It depends on the league (start 2 QBs or superflex), but I never draft a QB early. I pounded the RBs pretty early and sloughed WR until the 3rd or 4th. I targeted Doug Martin as my RB3 or 4 after the 7th or so and waited on QB and TE. I ended up with Stafford in two leagues.
  5. Last Round - which means I don't own Luck in any league....except dynasty
  6. ipljeff

    Mike & Mike Comments On The Colts First Game

    Play all of your starters against the Colts D.