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2023: Week 10 Colts vs Patriots in Germany, November 12, 2023, 9:30 EST


Colts vs Patriots  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

  2. 2. Do you still get pumped up when the Colts play the Patriots?

    • Of course! I am excited whenever the Colts face the Patriots. It is another chance to defeat the Pats.
    • No, the Pats are no longer our rivals.
    • Meh, the Patriots aren't any good.
    • Every football game involving the Colts excites me.
    • Other. (Share your thoughts in the comments )
  3. 3. Bonus Question#1 : Do you think Belichick gets fired if the Patriots lose?

  4. 4. Bonus Question#2: After this game, the Colts will have a bye week. Do you believe that teams that play games outside the United States should have their bye weeks before or after the game?

    • The week before the game
    • The week after the game
    • Either the week before or the week after playing outside the USA (no other time)..
    • Having a game outside the United States should have no bearing on when a team's bye week is scheduled.

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    • Untouchables have to be Haliburton, Turner, Siakam, Nembhard, and McConnell. Nesmith and Toppin, even maybe Mathurin in a deal with those guys could bring another all-star here. All 3 are young and good.
    • There's a lot of questions on what this team will look like next year. A lot of people are returning, but some could be used in trades if we go after, say, Paul George)   Returning Depth Chart:(under contract) PG: Haliburton, McConnell  SG: Nembhard, Mathurin, Sheppard  SF: Nesmith, Brown PF: Walker C: Turner, Jackson     Free Agents: Pascal Siakam(most likely to stay, but cost a lot $40m+) ** Doug McDermott(would like back at 2yr $10m range) James Johnson(vet min) Jalen Smith (player) - might elect to see if he can get more than $5.4m on open market  Obi Toppin (restricted)- could be expensive to retain/ potential S+T possibilities  Oscar Tshiebwe (restricted)(vet min) Quenton Jackson (restricted)(vet min) Isaiah Wong (restricted)(vet min)         So here is where the problem lays. Indy is small market, I think there is almost no chance we will go into the tax. So here is how that is looking.   1st Apron Tax Cap Space:(including $5.4m PO for Smith) $64m   **Siakam - Siakam should start around $42.6 million and could be 5yrs, $247.1m or 4yrs, $190.8 million.(This was based off of $142m, think they are looking at $141m now so could lower a bit. Not much.   So Pascal will probably most likely cost around $42.6m next season     That brings our 1st Apron Space to: $21.4m   Toppin (RFA tender $8-$10m)(more than likely will receive an offer bigger than that) Tshiebwe, Wong + Jackson - $5.6m   Down to $5.8-$7.8m in 1st Apron Space: (2 open roster spots)   McDermott? - $5m? Johnson? - $2m?     Going to be interesting, and is fast approaching.     Trade Pieces: Siakam (S+T, if can't agree on contract?) Toppin(S+T) Smith (if he picks up PO) Nesmith We also have (3) 2nd round picks and future 1st.
    • With me, I look at average life expectancy at 80 years old. Once someone turns 80 the clock really ticks. My mom is 71 and she still gets around like a 50 yr old. Tough day after the news of Bill Walton. 
    • Daniel Scott is my sentimental pick. Mt deceased son's name was Scott with middle name of Daniel. So in memory of Scott Daniel my pick is Daniel Scott.
    • Yeah he was only 71 but I just heard he had cancer, I had no idea. This is a day ruiner. He was such a big name for the sport of basketball. I am having trouble believing this. 
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