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Conference Championship Games, Jan. 29, 2023, Discussion thread


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Just now, RollerColt said:

We didn’t know what to really think of him since Reich called the plays. We knew Nick at least helped with design, but we didn’t realize how good he was until he left…


Just now, Happy2BeHere said:

Yes and most of us wish he was the one calling the plays years and years ago. 


He has the look/temperament of a head coach. He has a lot of energy. I like him. He seemed focused on the whole game, not just the offense. 

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1 minute ago, Smoke317 said:

Sirianni isn’t calling the plays this year.  Ironic he could delegate the responsibility and Frank couldn’t. 


Yes. I think good coaches focus on the whole game. JMO. If I were interviewing potential head coaches, I would want to know if they plan to call plays. If so, I would not want to hire them.


I see I have been spelling his name wrong. Thanks!

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