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Buccaneers @ Colts, November 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST


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Just now, EastStreet said:

TY... 2 in a row and a 1st....


Defo officially questionable to return, so they haven't ruled him out.

Ruling him out will come at halftime when they take a longer look.... Maybe he comes back, but if there's any chance of reinjuring or worsening it, I wouldn't look for him

Just now, IndyEric07 said:

Why tf is JT not in there???

Less likelihood of breaking a huge run?  I dunno

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Just now, RollerColt said:

Bad decision to throw deep. We’re going to give Brady the ball back to score again… 

Bad decision to call that route for Zach, who is our slowest WR on the team. Should have ran that with Dulin or TY, which are the closest things we have to a deep threat speed WR.... Already worked to Dulin once. 

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Just now, shakedownstreet said:

greg olsen sounds like rick venturi

Exactly what I thought earlier! Just fewer goofy * references and catch phrases

Just now, krunk said:

Pascal tripping today

You think that was his fault?  Maybe..... But the ball was at his ankles while he was moving the opposite direction....

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