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Buccaneers @ Colts, November 28, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST


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    • With the exception of YN, we aren't small anymore with Big Grove, Buckner, and Paye.  Plus we run a SAM out there instead of a nickel safety most downs too.   And Dayo, and couple other decent sized dudes at times. The D is quite a bit different with that 3rd LB.  3 D's are largely geared toward limiting the run too.    Offensively, I think we will have to attack the EDGE's somehow to loosen things up for Taylor.  We just start pounding him, I think they will eat that up.   Truthfully, they don't look very good either, so I really don't have any idea how this game will go.  I thought we'd roll HOU, but other than that JAX and KC went down as I expected physically.  Didn't anticipate the muffed punts, and missed FGs, and fakes, but I thought we'd hang around KC.       The TN match up almost seems like a stalemate to me on paper.  
    • Don't care about the "Spreads",           just WINS...  
    • I was not complaining, rather observing that LT has been a problem for Ballard.  Also I was not discussing Pryor specifically, that was an exchange with another poster irt protections.   Re: Pryor I have been pleasantly surprised.  But I am not a fan of PFF nor am I a fan of reading too much into a small sample size.  Long way to go and as I have mentioned this OL has plenty of talent so I think they're going to do fine.  They might need to change out RG but we'll see.
    • i dont believe that really... i know we are better than last year for 1 and limited kc to nothing last week. i think our dline can be the best in the league, both our interior and edge rushers are supposed to be great. its all ive heard this offseason
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