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2021 Season Opener: Seahawks @ Colts, September 12, 2021, 1pm ET


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1 hour ago, richard pallo said:

Me too in Rochester NY.  The place will be packed with Bills fans going crazy.  Western NY is on their SB train. 




Golf Focus GIF by Tones and I
going to need laser focus with all the yelling! Bears play tonight so it should be fairly peaceful. haha Let’s keep an eye on those division games eh?


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6 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

ESPN did fantasy games between the best teams every years back

My fantasy football weekend (Final 4) would be the 2004 Pats at 2006 Colts. If we had HFA where we were 10-0 that game would be 50/50. 1989 49ers at 1995 Cowboys would be my NFC matchup. I would be like this all day Jon Stewart Popcorn GIF not bad homer simpson GIF

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