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Colts Vs. Lions Preseason Game Day Thread


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Obviously not happy that Tolzein can't seem to get anything going for us (though its not completely his fault) but glad that our defense is getting a lot of snaps out there. More reps the better for the first and second string guys, especially the rookies on those projected lines. 

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Wilson was fine on those two plays. Yes he got "beat" on both and yes the receiver ended up with a TD but you can't expect a rookie CB to come in perfect in his first game. He was tight on his man on both occasions, the receiver just had the better execution. 

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1 minute ago, chad72 said:

Quincy doesn't look for the ball :(


He is likely not taught that yet.  I think they want him to watch receivers hands after receiver looks back.  When receivers hands go up to catch, DB is to ram his hand up between the receivers hand and breakup the pass.  Not look back and try to high point an interception.

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