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  1. Very good point. There aren't too many teams paying 4 OL more than 10 million a year (let alone all 5 positions). Under the Ballard/Reich era, I can almost promise you that we will draft/sign 1-3 OL every year through the draft and/or actual free agency.
  2. I am pretty sure that Frank Reich is a "win the toss, 99% of the time defer." And if I am not mistaken, based on some research done at some point, the only time you don't defer is if weather conditions are going to play a big role at some point in the game (in which case you select the opportune field side for the opportune time whenever that might be). Alternatively, if weather conditions are known to get exponentially worse through the course of the game, you receive and try to put valuable points on the board. But the bottom line is (in my opinion as well), you defer 99% of the time. Especially with how complete our offense is. If defense can get a first stop, it would be HUGE in this game.
  3. LOLOLOL, I made this EXACT same prediction like yesterday in one of the other threads! Great minds think alike ;)
  4. To be honest, I think Hooker shines in this matchup. I think Mahomes will try to test the back-end of this defense for whatever reason (young, fearless, never gives-up, some-what mistake prone, Favre-like; lol almost sounds like an early Luck) and we will make him pay for it. I say Hooker gets a pick from a deep throw that Mahomes tries to get in there even though he is covered with safety help.
  5. Guys you do realize right that even if Adam Vinateri is "losing it a little" or "the age has started to show," he is still among the better kickers in the league? Look around fellas. Kickers are doing HORRIBLE this year. Even established names like Mason Crosby on the Packers are messing up big time. And I personally don't think he will retire at the end of this year. Only way I see it happening is if he really messes up going near the end of the season and we don't finish well (miss the playoffs, etc). If we make the playoffs and/or finish the season strong (assuming he has decent games), he will want to play another year because Super Bowl might be possible next year with the progression of this team. He might wanna retire after one more Super Bowl if possible.
  7. Nahhh. It is pretty obvious that Ballard is obsessed with 2nd round picks (which he should be) cause he likes to be able to throw those darts at the board in hopes that one or two of them stick (see Turay, Braden Smith, Lewis, Leonard). I'd be more than happy to get a 2nd round pick from a team in the offseason and then see what Ballard can do with it in the draft!
  8. I am guessing Desir and Pipkins (who probably goes from PS to CB2 in ~5 hours which has to be a record somewhere lol)
  9. Pipkins just went from being a practice squad member to being the CB2 playing against Tom Brady in pretty much 5 hours. With Hairston and Leonard both out, Farley is pretty much gonna play the whole game on defense and special teams. This should be an interesting one....
  10. I would NOT be opposed to that to be honest. To I'd imagine that with a game against a team like the Patriots and also away, some coaches would wanna hold that card till much later in the game. But I say # that, come out guns blazing! Reich should be playing this game under the assumption that 30 points AT THE VERY MINIMUM will be required lol.
  11. Way to overreact. 1-4 is NOT a death sentence, especially for such a young team with a lot of question marks coming into the season (Luck's health, new coaching staff, etc). I have been more than pleasantly surprised by how we look so far. And with this past game proving that vintage Andrew Luck is still there guiding us, I really think that if we can slowly put everything together, we can go on a significant run. The next three games are against some pretty bad teams and we can theoretically win all three coming off a mini-bye week where we regain some of our health! Now I am NOT expecting us to make the playoffs but its not over.
  12. If Castanzo plays, I think it will be an INSANE boost to our offensive line (assuming he is close enough to 100% which he would have to be if they sent him out there to start). Luck, with a little bit time, has the ability to shred pretty much every defense in this league, much less the Patriots and their ehh defense. Not having TY obviously hurts but I think last weekend was a nice test-run where Luck was forced to play without TY down a bunch of points and he responded without an issue. As long as we don't have drops, Luck should be fine playing with the likes of Pascal, Grant, and Rogers. We spread the ball enough that I am not too worried. In the red-zone, we have Ebron and the running backs. If anything, this prevents Luck from staring down TY every time we play the Patriots. He will be forced to spread the ball around and when he does, he does it really well and usually doesn't throw any bone-headed picks. Not having Leonard will HURT A LOT. I know they recalled Moore so I am thinking that if Leonard doesn't play, walker slides into his role and Moore takes over Walker's role. But its not as clean cut and dry that Leonard is definitely out. They might just limit the number of plays that he is in. My problem is with the cornerback depth. If Hairston can't play, we might as well accept that NE will score close to 40 ATLEAST. If he can, then its not all that bad. Play him and Desir at the edges, and bring Geathers up to play against Gronk while Farley fills in as the extra safety in the back. I really don't want to see any of the other cornerbacks play that much in this game because you know that Belicheck and Brady will attack that depth (or lack there of lol). Our defensive game is ultimately going to determine what happens. I have enough confidence in Luck and his ability that we will atleast come out neutral on that front. How much the defense allows is a whole other ball game.
  13. I've been saying this for a couple days now but I really think that this could be Hooker's breakout game. In my opinion, he has been playing too far back to actually get involved in plays and be the playmaker that we all know he can be. Remember that one play where he essentially saved a touchdown by barely getting to the path of the ball and deflecting it? He still has the ability but hasn't been close enough to actually do much so far this season. Now I think that Frank Reich realizes that we probably aren't gonna win unless we get a few turnovers and make some plays on defense. Cue Malik Hooker. Bring the dude a little closer so that he can potentially mess with Gronk and/or Edelman's routes. Every game, there has been a different person on defense that is showing up to play, especially the young guys. It'll be Hooker tonight with atleast an INT and probably atleast a few pass break-ups.
  14. Just watch, BB won't even think about the long ball. And we will come out guns blazing with the long ball. It is pretty obvious that Andrew Luck is getting more and more confident with his throwing (I think the turning point was that deep ball to Hilton this past weekend). Frank Reich will have a few tricks up his sleeve, don't worry. Watch the first play in the game be a play-action that ends up being a deep ball to like Ebron or Rogers.
  15. I am not a doctor or a physical therapy professional but I think many people, especially those in the national media, are getting Luck's rehab completely wrong. As someone that has some background knowledge in rehab, etc: I don't think his not throwing is a matter of him NOT being able to throw but its a matter of no reason for him to throw UNTIL his shoulder is perfectly rehabbed, strengthened, etc. Andrew Luck could probably throw the ball 70 yards right now but I wonder if the idea is more about him getting his mechanics back, getting his strength 100% (and more!!!), and being able to be set up for long-time success as a thrower. Man hasn't thrown a football in over a year and remember this fact that was on some article: Andrew Luck after his initial shoulder injury/tweak etc several years ago had actually changed the way he threw the ball to COMPENSATE for the injury and the problems he was having. That kinda stuff doesn't just naturally go away, especially as you are trying to come back from an injury and you are mentally and physically delayed.
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