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  1. It is probably a combination of factors, but we will never know because Ballard doesn't want to disclose that information (which is probably smart from a team standpoint but not obviously for us). There is no question that Montez Sweat is talented, just look at this production and performance at the Combine. Obviously Ballard knew that Sweat was on the board at 26 but we still traded down. People are making a big deal about Sweat not being picked by us but for all we know (in fact probably so!) he wasn't even on our draft board! There are certainly reports from the medical side of
  2. TBH next year's draft is gonna be better than this year's, atleast in the first two rounds it seems. As long as Ballard gets the early 3rd and maybe another mid-rounder this year, I'm all for adding high level picks next year. Imagine going into next year's draft with 2 1st, 2 2nd rounders or 1 1st and 3 2nd rounders. Ballard would have complete freedom to move up for a generational talent if he so wishes.
  3. I'd love to trade down from 34 to early 3rd round. Would give us some nicely spaced out picks starting with the #46 through the 4th and 5th rounds. Not to mention, we'd basically own the CRAP out of next year's draft in the 1st and 2nd rounds (especially if both Washington and NYJ suck which there is a good chance for).
  4. I agree. In any normal draft that would still be the case. But in this draft, that is ESPECIALLY the case. The difference between the 10th pick and 20th pick this year is probably MUCH greater in terms of talent than 10th vs 20th pick in any normal draft year. And thats not just me saying this, I'm sure many knowledgeable draft people (including our GM) would agree with that. Not a good comparison at all.
  5. You know what I'm curious about tonight? Whether a team moves up to the top of the 2nd for Drew Lock. I'm kinda surprised that he fell into the 2nd round (but that kinda thing seems to happens every other year with a QB or two) and wouldn't be surprised to see Denver do that. But then again with Miami getting Rosen, that might mean that there are less teams looking for a QB so less chance of a trade up?
  6. Guys we need to stop over-thinking this. I understand where people are coming from but at the end of the day, the draft trade we made last night seems to be a good one. And all indications seem to point towards another trade down made with our #34 tonight. It has been very well documented by NUMEROUS sources (Ballard himself, other GMs, scouts, NFL draft media, etc) that this year's draft is top heavy with the top 15 players or so. After that, 20-70 is roughly around the same in terms of value. Ballard even went as far as saying that the picks seen after the top 15-20 will start t
  7. Very good point. There aren't too many teams paying 4 OL more than 10 million a year (let alone all 5 positions). Under the Ballard/Reich era, I can almost promise you that we will draft/sign 1-3 OL every year through the draft and/or actual free agency.
  8. I am pretty sure that Frank Reich is a "win the toss, 99% of the time defer." And if I am not mistaken, based on some research done at some point, the only time you don't defer is if weather conditions are going to play a big role at some point in the game (in which case you select the opportune field side for the opportune time whenever that might be). Alternatively, if weather conditions are known to get exponentially worse through the course of the game, you receive and try to put valuable points on the board. But the bottom line is (in my opinion as well), you defer 99% of the
  9. LOLOLOL, I made this EXACT same prediction like yesterday in one of the other threads! Great minds think alike ;)
  10. To be honest, I think Hooker shines in this matchup. I think Mahomes will try to test the back-end of this defense for whatever reason (young, fearless, never gives-up, some-what mistake prone, Favre-like; lol almost sounds like an early Luck) and we will make him pay for it. I say Hooker gets a pick from a deep throw that Mahomes tries to get in there even though he is covered with safety help.
  11. Guys you do realize right that even if Adam Vinateri is "losing it a little" or "the age has started to show," he is still among the better kickers in the league? Look around fellas. Kickers are doing HORRIBLE this year. Even established names like Mason Crosby on the Packers are messing up big time. And I personally don't think he will retire at the end of this year. Only way I see it happening is if he really messes up going near the end of the season and we don't finish well (miss the playoffs, etc). If we make the playoffs and/or finish the season strong (assuming he has decen
  13. Nahhh. It is pretty obvious that Ballard is obsessed with 2nd round picks (which he should be) cause he likes to be able to throw those darts at the board in hopes that one or two of them stick (see Turay, Braden Smith, Lewis, Leonard). I'd be more than happy to get a 2nd round pick from a team in the offseason and then see what Ballard can do with it in the draft!
  14. I am guessing Desir and Pipkins (who probably goes from PS to CB2 in ~5 hours which has to be a record somewhere lol)
  15. Pipkins just went from being a practice squad member to being the CB2 playing against Tom Brady in pretty much 5 hours. With Hairston and Leonard both out, Farley is pretty much gonna play the whole game on defense and special teams. This should be an interesting one....
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