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Colts @ Patriots 2015 AFC Championship Game Thread

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    • Of course they will pursue a cheap 3rd string QB if Hoyer is dumped as i expect.  And i believe you are completely missing it. JB will have a head to head competition with Kelly of which they believe JB can lose.  Now if we can get Carr using Hooker or Walker or some such scenario with modest draft capital, hmmmm!
    • If they can get Carr for a day 2 pick then sign me up. Instantly upgrades the QB position for a little over what Jacoby makes. Plus still allows them to go BPA in the 1st and not reaching on a QB. Hopefully that is a Kinlaw or Jeudy IMO. If Costanzo retires that may change. 
    • I didn't hear anything of use out of the podcast. They pretty much regurgitated all the options, rumors, and what others have said. Means virtually nothing. The only slightly new/original stuff was about Stafford potentially being let go, and that's actually been discussed (him leaving, not necessarily a Colts option).   Holder was a JB apologist all year, and sounds like they're both still on that train (although softening enough to hedge his bets). They still highlighted all the "excuses" for JB, but didn't dig in on the obvious deficiencies. They use the terms "flaws", but have zero specific discussion about them. Still way to overly cautious to have simple dialog about the "bad" stuff.   The only thing I agree on, is that TedB isn't good, but he is JB+. Does sound like they both would be happy with Carr. 
    • Some beautiful throws here. He has such good Touch. Apparently there are several teams ready to check in on Carr’s availability.    
    • If Ballard doesn’t do anything to improve the QB position this offseason, his seat should get hot. Also irsay better count on more empty seats. The ones clamoring for another year of JB, will be the first ones calling out Ballard, Reich, etc next year when we see the same product. 
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