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    • I agree   But who do you give up?   Ryan    It may take QN or Leonard trade to pull it off (Yikes)
    • We will probably have to include a very good starting player from the defensive side I  would think.  
    • I've written to you privately yet you kept doing what you were doing.  Even when I didn't respond to anything for months and months.    You are special in your constant personal attacks NCF.  It's relentless.  You seem to have a god complex or something.  I respond to a lot of people NCF, it's just you are special.  You admit how offputting you are, discuss your former yearly letter thing, on occasion make a reasoned post or two like a decent human being, . . . But the majority of the time you are rude, dismissive, disrespectful, haughty, etc. etc. etc.    I was trying to be nice with the neighbor think.  If you are actually like your online persona, I'm sure you've probably isolated yourself from most humans that you've ever been close to.     If your internet persona is the priggish one and you are actually a decent guy, why do you post the way you do?  What are you gaining out of it?   Didn't you get taught how to play nice?
    • IF THEU LOVE THE KID... BIG IF   Round 1 would give a 5th year option
    • I hope everyone watches Duggan in the playoffs   The kid is very good......    If we dont trade up in round 1 I would take Hooker or Duggan in round two    
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