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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts @ Chiefs Game Day Thread

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I thought I saw him in there.   Perhaps I could've just been suffering from a serious hangover.  

He might get in sometimes but mainly to block. It's obvious Griff passed him on the depth chart.

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    • A girlfriend that doesn't fart in front of company is very important , but she needs to at least be able to cook so you have a point . Sometimes average looking girls are the best girls to be with in reality. They aren't ugly (so have some looks) and most of them are fun to hang around.
    • I have seen like 6 LSU games this year, no youtube but live. They are always on, Luck just looked better to me eventhough I think LSU will win it all. I am just not sold on Burrow being the pro Luck was.
    • For you to say eye test, you'd have to watch them all play college football and weight that, because that's all they have in common.    And you can't assume none could improve a NFL record from the previous year without giving them the opportunity to do so.    It's like saying a caterpillar doesn't pass the eye test vs the butterfly when it comes to flying.... . 
    • I was critical of Luck when he did bad. Bad is bad. The overwhelming majority of his product performance was good though. JB just has good moments, and isn't even good at many of the basics.    Like I said, it's like dating. JB is like the girl that's OK looking, cooks bland, boring conversationalist, isn't great in bed, but never ever accidentally farts (INTs) when company is over. She's very happy with you because you've treated her better than anyone else ever has. You hate to break her heart and dump her because she's not horrible, but you just want more.   Give me the girl that makes her chili on the hot side, a bit naughty, makes me laugh, and I'll put up with the occasional stinker when the neighbors come by.
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