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  1. I hope we dont have to answer the question of what kind of cheese we want on the fifty burger
  2. Wrap up tackles this knockout pinball tackle routine is not going to work
  3. Going to need to grind this one out.
  4. Is Pascal not playing or just getting totally blanketed?
  5. Fouls on both teams but no replay of down. Me so confused
  6. Am I allowed to yell "This is for all the marbles" in this is Sparta voice?
  7. Brissett's health is still a question. So we cut Hoyer and then unproven quantity Kelly is only QB left on roster with playing Jags and rest of tough second half schedule. Its like driving uninsured and going full carpe diem. Bad idea is bad
  8. For this week we are changing the mascot from colt to ostrich due to size of the egg we laid on Sunday.
  9. We can't burn the defense out in first half
  10. And now AB backtrackes rant and determined to play in NFL? Anyone check him for Bipolar?
  11. So this is Weekend at Bernies the Chris Ballard remake?
  12. Miami game to worry about first. And pointing Hoyer the Destoryer at Miami as opposed to ourselves with the turnovers
  13. Hey Zach....is your leg still attached? Yea? Good you are not hurt get out there!
  14. Loss was disappointing for sure. But we have been walking this one score game tightrope all season and our mistakes caused us to slip off before the end. Hope Hoyer can not turn the ball over against the Dolphins.
  15. We need to have the defensive play we got in the Chiefs game. Its a bit risky but it Dessir can go I'd put him on Juju with Hooker shadowing as well. Take him away as teams do with us and Hilton and make James Washington and whoever else have to beat us.
  16. I have spoken to the dark sorcerer and he has accepted the offering. Ebron has been granted +30 speed and +25 dexterity.
  17. Yes yes I remember that Duron Carter was a headcase to put it mildly
  18. Marvin Harrison Jr commits to OSU. It be a sappy draft story if I ever seen one.
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