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  1. It was Vontae Davis you just missed him during halftime festivities
  2. We need to put them away faster then a phone to password screen of a cheating spouse
  3. While its always possible he pulls a Witten and uses retirement as year off healing it be quite a mess. Other teams would just let the situation keep festering in order for the price to drop. But its so highly unlikely that its a double tinfoil hat theory anyways.
  4. I wouldn't belly up on 8 and 2 quite yet. While Denver cant seem to protect Flacco their running backs could give us hell. Dolphins yeah probably. Even though Steelers are banged up we have struggled against them so that will be a tough game. And Jacksonville always gives us hell. Look at the Cody Kessler game from last season. I'd love to be 7 and 3 from that stretch and hopefully not 6 and 4.
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