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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Yeah, I would have loved to have seen more of him today. They kind got away... and the offense bogged down.

Yeah pretty much if we lose, you can kind of pin it on a stagnant offense.  I don't even think Miami's D has played that well.  Our O just fizzles then sizzles. 

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    • Does anyone know what each one of their measurables are and who is best at what?  I have been looking for dayo’s info but can’t find anything from the combine or his pro day.  I would like to compare their 40 yard dash, Bench press reps, vertical , etc. If anyone knows where to find this can you please post it. Thanks a lot.   Also, out of the two who do you think will be the more dominant player in 3 years?
    • I saw, that's why I'm not really down on the whole thing. I agree on the bolded to an extent, but I key on the lack of advantage, more than than dis-advantage. Over 10 years, I just see the yearly "disadvantage" as pretty low bearing. Don't get me wrong, I think the NFL should do better, but I'm far more concerned with other elements. I'd prefer more structured scheduling.    In short, I'm not going to be mad that NE also got rest this year. I'm going to look internally at things we can control. Like will we choose to toss it all over the yard vs horrible run Ds.   Off topic, but what's your take on AZ this year?
    • How is it disrespecting him to point out that he was quantifiably bad his last couple years? Probably cost us some games.  It’s not even debatable.   That’s not disloyal and it doesn’t diminish what he means to the franchise.  It’s just an unfortunate truth.
    • Maybe it's been discussed, but it seems we have one critical position (fisher), one very useful position (mack), and one high hopes position (odeyingbo) all hoping to return from Achilles injuries. We had some ties to mack but no reason to pick up the others. These injuries are not all equal presumably, but it seems like only 2/3 of nfl players return. It averages about 11 months, and most never return to form or full playing time.    Maybe the colts docs and coaches know more than average, but this seems statistically crazy to bank so much on this many key players, especially since it blocks other players from being drafted or paid (I know it's not long contracts). Why do the colts love players with Achilles injuries more than every other team seems to?  I was referencing this article: https://lermagazine.com/article/return-to-football-after-achilles-tendon-rupture I'd love to be wrong and want to be excited about all of them though! 
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