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  1. Lets beat those pretty boy Patriots.

    1. COLTS449


      Agreed. If we play like we did today it's on. It also just feels so good to beat Brady.

  2. Hoping for Brock Vereen or Atone Exum in that secondary..

  3. So Jarvis Landry just ran a 4.77 40... Him and some other prospects are not doing so well in drills.... Bet Grigson is loving this

    1. Gibbons180


      Not just Grigson...

  4. What is on your mind?

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    2. southwest1


      Cocaine...I mean Oreo cookies & a tall, cold glass of milk. [A Connecticut College Study joke] :)

    3. BrentMc11


      Follow-up cardio appt....

    4. MIColtsFan


      not enough space to write it all

  5. darnit, The Hulk, err I mean Landry won't be playing against the 49ers :(

    1. southwest1


      Yeah, SW1 was bummed when I heard that too CA. We definitely need all hands on deck now, especially with Bethea out as Brent mentioned in the previous status update.

  6. Got tickets to the Colts-Chargers game here in SD. what should I expect for my first NFL game?

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    2. southwest1


      Oops...Old habits die hard...Ha! Ha! I didn't even realize I did that til you pointed that out. That is pretty funny actually. LOL! :)

    3. alawai


      Keep your ticket as your first NFL game. See you there!

    4. BrentMc11


      Get some good pics Captain!!! Enjoy!! :)

  7. If we get Rambo or either of Mellete or Rogers this draft will be great

  8. Jets use the draft strategically.. To get a higher pick next year.

    1. crestmount


      you have to feel sorry for all those young guys drafted by Jets--careers snuffed out before they even get it started

  9. Guyd. Relax. Walden's contract only has 4m guaranteed. It play for pay basically.

  10. I'm late. What happened??? Just kidding. Will some of you quit freaking out!! Patience, my friends.

  11. Josh Boyce could be a steal in the 4th...

  12. I'd really like to see another Bob Sanders type player with us. Minus the injuries of course.

  13. Leon Sandcastle.

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    2. southwest1


      You might be on to something there 100GFB. Maybe a large portion of Deion Sander's behavior on TV is an alter ego media persona. I don't know. I have never met him in person.

    3. alawai


      SW1, as a teenager my son got his autograph and said he was one of the nicest athletes. Son also mentioned Anthony Munoz and Earl Campbell being nice guys.

    4. southwest1


      Cool story 100GFB. I like it when I am unexpectedly surprised by a celebrity interaction for all the right reasons. :)

  14. "I'm thrilled to be able to reunite with coach Pep here in Indianapolis. He was a tremendous mentor of mine at Stanford and he is going to have our offense playing at a high, energetic level." - Andrew Luck.

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