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  1. Low key hate this pick, but this late in the draft, eh..no biggie
  2. True. Hopefully they teach him how to set up his angles for a tackle though.
  3. From NFL.com STRENGTHS Plus athlete. Very good foot quickness and footwork in general. Can flip hips and get to top speed quickly. Highly productive junior campaign and has very good ball skills. Has good eyes and feel for the game. Turns and locates the ball downfield and has excellent hand-eye coordination. Competes hard and is a willing tackler. Will jump routes and try to flip the field. WEAKNESSES Level of competition isn't there. Shows tightness at the top of the route. Scouts believe he is a tick slow at the top of the route and will give up separation. More of an off-man corner who is still learning to play near line of scrimmage. Lacks long speed and could be targeted for double moves on next level. Technique as a tackler needs sharpening.
  4. Lol at the people mad at us for taking short players
  5. Well we wouldn't have traded back if we were targeting someone.. It's likely our target was already taken by then
  6. We only move back 4 spots to the 1st of the 3rd..... and move up like 19 spots in the 4th... Its good.
  7. 3rd round is Grig's home run round. Lets see who we get
  8. 1st pick I liked....but 2nd pick if it's offense, AND a RB.... I'm gonna take Grigson's mom out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again
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