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Don Banks of Sports Illustrated Has The Colts Taking...

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D.J. Fluker

OT Alabama


We had to stop Fluker's slide, because he's too good a prospect to slip any further down the board (sorry, No. 26 Green Bay). The Colts have other more pressing needs on defense, but even with free agent right offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus signed this offseason, Indy general manager Ryan Grigson doesn't seem like the type to pass on this level of quality at this value. And perhaps Fluker's presence can be used to get the best out of underachieving left tackle Anthony Castonzo.


How would this work for us if he turns out to be correct? Would Fluker or Castonzo move to guard or would one win out over the other? Interesting proposition none the less...

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Castonzo was the only bright spot on our line last year. I think he's the last of our worries on O-line right now and I wouldn't want to move him inside just because we drafted an unproven rookie. Let's see how Castonzo plays alongside a quality gaurd first, before we think he's underperformed.

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why take a tackle and make him play guard. its two different positions. if cooper and warmack are gone then trade down and take warford

Because that's what happens to massive tackles with slow feet

On another note, there is no way Fluker could play LT

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Plug him at starting guard an backup RT for Cherilus. He possesses all the traits you want out of a guard.

Personally I wouldn't be against none of these picks at 24: Warmack Cooper of course, Jarvis Jones, Fluker, Teo, Datone Jones, Rhodes, Hayden, Trufant, Damontre Moore, Cyprien, Bjoern Werner, Codarrelle Patterson, Hopkins,

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Fluker is being considered a guard right away, and later a tackle prospect. At least by some. He's NOT a left tackle prospect, he'd be solely a right tackle. If we took Fluker, I would expect him to compete at right guard.

^This^ They were interviewing Fluker on Sirius NFL earlier today and he was asked who he had met with and whether the teams he had talked to had said anything to him about moving inside to guard. Fluker said most all the teams he had met with had talked to him about the possibility of playing guard; and that he was perfectly fine with making the move. The hosts (can't remember which show) made comments of agreement about how they felt he would be best at guard and most likely be played there by whoever drafted him.

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Fluker is my fondest hope for this draft.  I would want him to start at RG, of course.  However, I'm really doubting he's going to last to our pick.  With how the Andre Smith thing hasn't resolved itself, Cincy will pick him @ #21 if Smith doesn't sign a one-year contract or something the day before the draft.  The Giants also sound likely to take him if he's there...

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