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  1. This was my first game as a season ticket holder.
  2. We also have to have future money for Darius Leonard at the same time as Nelson, and Smith. Im guessing we go LT early in the draft. Edge and WR in free agency. I just have the feeling it will be a second tier WR.
  3. The site you linked shows Pittsburgh-3. Meaning they are favored by 3.
  4. Vegas odds are the Colts+2.5. That means Pittsburgh is still favored by a field goal.
  5. I really like Campbell, but he has to learn to run a route tree. Bubble le abd slip screens are fine,but he needs to be able to do more.
  6. It is a advance on his next year salary. If he is cut next year he will still owe this amount.
  7. I watched a few games on YouTube. He has to learn to use and climb the pocket. He seemed to just keep going backwards instead of using the pocket. His arm is ridiculously strong, but seemed to never have and arch to it. Always a straight arrow shot, which doesn’t always work. Hopefully he can get these things ironed out before 2021 season.
  8. Unretire 19,22,24,70,77,82,and 89. They are all Baltimore Colts jersey numbers, very few fans have connection to them in Indy. The Ravens already put a Johnny Unitas statue outside of their stadium in 2002.
  9. Edge rusher is bu far the biggest need after the draft.
  10. Remember last year we moved down a few spots with Washington. It cost them 2 second rounders. Without Ballard already picking up wide receivers in free agency, I just don’t see it happening this year.
  11. Section 101 row 24. At the time I wished I wasn’t there after the horrible start to the game. Now I wouldn’t trade that memory for anything.
  12. Same with Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson.
  13. Brady just announced he is leaving NE.
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