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  1. The snap came late on both of these calls anyway. Delay of game could have been the outcome.
  2. Easy to do when you received a $25 million dollar gift.
  3. The Dolphins gave up a second, and a fifth rounder for Rosen. Why would they trade him to the Colts for just a second rounder?
  4. I like Jim Sorgi, but he never really even looked good in pre season games. He was really good at breaking down film with Peyton. That is the reason he stayed around so long. That, and no other QB wanted to be his backup because they would never see the field.
  5. Which is true only if his team under contract allows him to interview for GM position.
  6. I live in Michigan, and yeah the Lions fans hate him. I always tell them it’s not his fault the Lions over drafted him ahead of Odel Beckham.
  7. Bill Tobin drafted 2 HOF in Marshall Faulk, and Marvin Harrison. Zero players actually drafted my Mel Kiper.
  8. Im really want to be excited by this one year signing, but can’t be. I have had my hopes up for the one year WR with Avery,Nicks,Johnson,Aiken, and Grant. I just can’t do it again this time.
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