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  1. The Guy can certainly play, but the Cowboys are moving on for a reason. This guy has trouble getting on the field. Between injuries, and suspensions. I say pass.
  2. Coming off of his second achilles injury, i say no.
  3. Flipper Anderson, Sean Dawkins
  4. ar1888

    Is there a correlation?

    Well they came out flat against the Giants, then had a good second half.
  5. ar1888

    January 8, 2011 - Jets/Colts Playoff game

    Pagano had his weird time outs as well. Remember the time out before scoring the go ahead TD vs the Lions to open the 2016 season. Caldwell vs Jets is what i was screaming from the stands.
  6. ar1888

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Any one else surprised nyheim hines didn’t get a touch all day? I don’t remember him even seeing the field.
  7. ar1888


    He has .2 fumbles on 71 touches
  8. ar1888

    Fournette suspended for Colts game

    Im guessing the appeal will not be heard right away.
  9. ar1888

    Fournette suspended for Colts game

    I hope you’re right. Im not saying he won’t be suspended, i just think iy will be the week 14 game, not week 13.
  10. ar1888

    Fournette suspended for Colts game

    Im willing to bet he plays after an appeal.
  11. ar1888

    Most impactful play of the Colts season thus far

    The botched 1st and goal series against the Eagles.
  12. ar1888


    Nashville,and N.O. Also have areas in other states where they are considered the “home” team. The Bears,Bengals,Lions,and Titans kind of cover those would be areas thinning the market.
  13. ar1888


    I believe only Green Bay is smaller.
  14. ar1888


    Yep. I skimmed and thought defensive rookie of the year.