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  1. Conklin has been playing just at RT I believe.
  2. Rosen ran the same 40 time at the combine as Drew Brees. 4.85 40. Rosen also threw better than Brees did at the combine. With that being said, I know that means nothing. My biggest fear with Rosen is that he is already damaged psychologically. 2 teams in 2 years. He cant be brimming with confidence. Miami gave a 2nd and a 5th for him this year. I don’t see them giving him up for much less. He is on a rookie contract, so he is very affordable.
  3. The snap came late on both of these calls anyway. Delay of game could have been the outcome.
  4. Easy to do when you received a $25 million dollar gift.
  5. The Dolphins gave up a second, and a fifth rounder for Rosen. Why would they trade him to the Colts for just a second rounder?
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