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  1. time to let Djoun Smith just take over from here, because a practice squad guy off the street can come in and do what Toler has been doing.
  2. The passing game struggled, but don’t point to the offensive line this time. In previous seasons, yes, the Colts’ line has been subpar, but they did a nice job holding up against a fierce Bills defense that blitzed QB Andrew Luck on 30 of his 53 dropbacks, but only managed to pressure him 11 times. – The real struggle for the Colts came against Buffalo’s coverage that blanketed their receivers for much of the afternoon and put a lot of pressure on Luck to be pinpoint accurate—which he certainly was not. The Colts scheme also relied heavily on isolation routes, hoping for their wide receivers t
  3. And in what way do they look like criminals? They look like football players to me
  4. Lance Louis is worse than I thought after re watching the game, Holmes was fine for the most part but Louis couldn't pull, trap block, pass protect, he just can't. And on Khaled Holmes holding penalty, why is Pep asking his center to block a 3 technique? The center loses that battle by default, it's almost impossible for a center to block someone lined up outside the OG. I get when the guard pulls the center peels back but that's when the DT is lined up in a 1-2 tech not a 3 tech, he'll never make that block
  5. colts can win by 3-10 points and it's still going to be doom and gloom all over the board. While I just scroll and laugh
  6. Nothing really, I just didn't want to state the obvious locks so I'm making my previous bold prediction for week 1 a lock. Just have confidence in this pick, I think the Panthers are going to be bottom feeders in the NFC this year
  7. Pagano said that himself if I'm not mistaken, so it's more than a rumor
  8. Not surprising, Luck is going be throwing it more often than not anyway
  9. Not at all, just like the Jaguars to beat the Panthers this week. By no means am I predicting them to have a winning season, just like them for this game
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