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  1. I'm no Dr but I'm sure he had his left ankle taped up in the picture from yesterday. I dont see any flexion in his left ankle in this picture. Not sure how much stock we should be putting in Dr Pete's opinion on this.
  2. He got pressure on the QB. It was a good play inspite of the fact you didn't notice it.
  3. 2nd Qtr, Barkley actually made a great throw for a completion, while being taken to the ground by Turay.
  4. I think he played every snap in the first half at least, a little out of control at times, but Turay was one of the few players who actually got some pressure on the QB.
  5. Hope coach Madi Berfluss can bring out the best in him.
  6. Desir is one of the okayest corners in the league. We could do a lot worse. But it would be nice to have the horses to play man on 3rd downs.
  7. I've always wished the Colt had drafted this guy, instead of that WR who plays for NE now. What was his name? If only he wasn't so forgettable, maybe I'd remember him. You know, that guy, who did nothing?
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