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  1. I'm interested to see how O'Donnell the UFA from Canada looks against NFL competition. Could be a real sleeper.
  2. Hope Parris Campbell can contribute this year.
  3. I think a lot of people had never heard of him. I don't remember any media outlets mentioning him during the predraft process. It didn't take long for Leonard to become a household name.
  4. Sure. But a lot of the fans hadn't even heard of him. That's all I'm trying to say.
  5. Trading back 4 spots or whatever it was yielded a great return for the Colts. Especially given Nelson was their guy all along. That move went a long way re-stocking the roster.
  6. Hey Leonard came out of nowhere and blew everyone's expectations out of the water and we've all been raving about him ever since, he's a great player. Smith is quietly becoming an above average RT and very few people are even talking about him. I think he deserves more credit.
  7. Drafting Braden Smith might be the most underrated move of Ballards tenure so far. Smith came in as a 2nd round rookie who had to change positions and he's been really good. Nelson is a total beast. I'm looking forward to watching Okereke make a leap forward in year 2.
  8. I'd be happy to have JB as a back up after Rivers retires, but right now I hope they dump him and let the Eason and Kelly take all the practice reps. See who ends up on top.
  9. As a rookie I'm going to say Pittman. I think he will have a bigger impact on what was a lackluster passing game, compared to Taylor, who is an impressive playmaker, on a team that already had a solid backfield.
  10. Isn't he they guy who bit a police dog or something? I hope he get the help he needs.
  11. No kidding, what high school wouldn't hire him? This is only a story because there are NO stories. I can't believe I'm even commenting on this. I'm so bored I could watch baseball.
  12. Yeah JB is well respected for sure but they could have waited to see if he lived up to that hype before opening up Irsay's check book. I dont find the national media all that informative when it comes to the small market teams. The people on here seem to have a better handle on the Colts to be honest.
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