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  1. KelownaColtsFan

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    It's not just PFF, I dont think I noticed a single play this season where I was like wow Al Woods. Ridgeway is no world beater and he is by no means jumping off my TV screen, but when he's in the game I do seem to notice him.
  2. KelownaColtsFan

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    I wonder why Ridgeway doesn't get more playing time. He seems to stand out more to me than Al Woods does.
  3. KelownaColtsFan

    You have to love Big Q

    That play where he just absolutely beasts Clowney is my favorite. It's as good or better than Mack's stiff arm on Clowney last year.
  4. KelownaColtsFan

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    The Colts are about to play their first playoff game in 3 years and here we are digging up a bunch of discussions from a year ago for some itoldaso's? I feel some people need to reflect on there priorities.
  5. KelownaColtsFan

    Best Draft Class in Colts History???

    I'm just happy to see the Colts hit on some young talent for a change. Between the Luck pick and the Kelly pick. We had to endure what? Like 5 years of wasted 1st round picks. Im so glad those days are over. To answer the question though, this is looking like the best draft I can think of, but like others have said time will tell. Its going to be exciting watching the team develop in the coming years.
  6. KelownaColtsFan

    Do you miss H.A?

    Man I thought Ridgeway looked like a boss in the pre season, but I can't honestly say I've noticed him on the field even once.
  7. KelownaColtsFan

    Please tell me TY might still play against Dallas

    No kidding, he had a big game for a guy who didn't practice all week.
  8. KelownaColtsFan

    Swoope Waived Again

    I've always like Swoop, I went to a game in Minnesota in 2016 where Swoop scored a TD and made 3 or 4 other notable plays. Looking back on it, its quite likely that was Swoops best game as a pro.
  9. KelownaColtsFan

    NFL Playoff Machine

    It's crazy we are even talking about playoffs, after starting season 1-5 or what ever it was.
  10. KelownaColtsFan

    Do you think this was a good year?

    If the Colts sneak into the playoffs I would consider this a good season. Making the playoffs would exceed my expectations.
  11. KelownaColtsFan

    5 teams, 3 spots

    I'm curious about this as well. If the Colts and Dolphins both win out and finish 10 -6 who would have the tie break? Us or them.
  12. KelownaColtsFan

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    The Chargers play this Thursday and then they have a 10 day break to prepare for a home game vs the Ravens in week 16. I'm betting on the Chargers in that one.
  13. KelownaColtsFan

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    Mahomes did the Colts a big favor today, converting last minute on 4th and 9 vs the Ravens.
  14. ...But his pff grade is worse than JJ Watts so obviously pff is terrible. (Sarcasm) I remember Ballard, after drafting Turay, saying something about his pass rushing efficiency (QB hits, hurries, and sacks per pass rushing attemp) being the highest of all the edge rushers they scouted pre draft. .. I have No link to back it up just something I remembered hearing after he was drafted. And it seems to be holding true in the big leagues.
  15. What?... I can't for the life of me make any sense out of this comment.