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  1. There's a Canadian UDFA from last offseason who could be a dark horse. O'Donnell I think.
  2. Some of the tinfoil hat types around here would worry that Belichick was after Indy's playback when ever the Patriots signed a former player. Fisher may have some insight into the Cheifs offense.
  3. Seems odd that our top FA target is a TE when we don't currently have a QB......
  4. There's a lot of value in having a viable back up QB. I don't think anyone would argue that, with his contract the Colts are getting value for the money they're paying him. You have to agree though, that there is tremendous value in the position itself, and having a back up like Brissett is a luxury most teams don't have. Perhaps they're hoping Brissett will repay them with loyalty and a team friendly deal one day. Now that he is a millionaire.
  5. I think we should also get rid of our RT and go with 2 mobile QB's
  6. I'm pretty hung over to be honest. I didn't pick up on the poor decisions. He did have the receiver open on that 3rd and 2 play at the end, it was not a very good pass.
  7. I watched him today, I liked his mobility and he made a few nice throws. I hate the scheme though. And he doesn't seem to progress through any sort of reads. Just catch and throw, mostly short passes. He does have some athleticism and arm talent. Kinda looks like Jordan Love.
  8. Totally. The 3 first round picks on the Oline get the majority of the fanfare and attention, but Glow and Smith deserve more credit than they get.
  9. I totally agree Brissett had room to run for positive yards on that 1st down play. However Brissetts poor decision is hardly Franks fault. Reich put Jacoby in position to make positive yards, it was Brissett who failed.
  10. I don't get the Reich criticism. The first two Colts drives were a cake walk. Its unrealistic to expect that level of offensive success for 60 minutes. The Texans obviously made adjustments/improvements. Reichs decisions on 4th downs were pivotal. Not to mention the challenge flag on that 3rd down. Which led to a Houston penalty, and ultimately a field goal. Rather than a 1st and goal. Those decisions were the difference in the game. This is a well coached team.
  11. The secondary isn't all bad. Kenny Moore played great today. And Rhodes baited Watson perfectly on that 9ne play. Just missed the INT.
  12. Does a statue really need 10 toes? I think Philimp will be fine.
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