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  1. 100% That second half comeback against the Chiefs in the playoffs. Second best is my memory of his rookie season. The way he could belt out play calls and hard snap counts at the line of scrimmage like a 10 year vet, I was really impressed with how, in control he was day 1. A rookie.
  2. How's his arm? Can he play QB?
  3. How does one open with "I've had it with Ballard.." then proceed to rant on, and on, about carrying 2 prospects on the active roster. Finally closing with "..Ballards excellent track record on finding talent". Without seeing the irony of the whole thing?
  4. If the Colts lose to the Saints and Panthers and are a mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I would like to see Kelly start that final game against the Jaguars. It would be great to evaluate him heading into the off season, with nothing to lose.
  5. In the Secondary we've effectively been started 3 rookies (Tell, Willis, and Rock) with good results. So I would say the arrow is pointing up with that group. The Linebackers are a solid group nobody can complain there. The Dline however, is aging, and has several positions that could be improved upon. (Sheard, Hunt, Muhammad) The biggest needs on this team are on Offense and wide receiver in particular. Brissett isn't ideal but the real question is, Can we find some one better?...
  6. I wonder if he is the same Mike Adams who played the Colts. He must be 40 by now.
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