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  1. KelownaColtsFan

    Take away from Seattle game

    Nelson looked like a beast in the run game. Wilkins has potential. TJ Green is still terrible. I know it was the 4th qtr of a preseason game, but Ridgeway looked like a man among boys out there.
  2. KelownaColtsFan

    Colts release unofficial depth chart for Colts @ Seahawks

    Biggest surprise to me is Quincy Wilson, behind Desir, and Milton.
  3. KelownaColtsFan

    Does Moncrief return next season?

    I would re-sign him, it's not like he is going to break the bank. He has proven to be a reliable red zone target last season. I'm not going to fault him for having a down year this year, even TY's production has plummeted. Moncrief is only 24 yrs old too, which is kind of crazy for a fourth yr player, for comparison sake Kamar Aiken has 5 yrs in the league and he is 28 yrs old. So he still has some potential for development.
  4. KelownaColtsFan

    Luck visiting specialists

    I heard Luck went snowboarding with a shoulder specialist.
  5. KelownaColtsFan

    Luck visiting specialists

    I would expect a professional QB coming off shoulder surgery, to be in contact with specialist during the entire recovery process. I would be more surprised, if this is actually his first visit with a specialist, to be honest. This sounds like a rumour being completely blown out of proportion.