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  1. People seem to have forgotten how absolutely terrible the roster was in 2016.
  2. O'Donnell played the whole first half at RG (maybe more I didn't watch the second half) he had a major wiff on 1 play but was otherwise solid. He was the player road-grading the way on Lemay's run where he got the penalty. Seemed decent for a dark horse player from Canada. Pretty sure he's listed as a Tackle.
  3. It's worth mentioning that although Eason has been in the league for a full year, Erlanger is actually the more experienced QB, with 46 college starts vs Eason with only 26 starts over 4 years.
  4. I think absolute best case scenario is a Patriots post deflatgate type start to the season (terrible referenceI know but it's a pretty good comparison) We lean heavily on what appears to be a top tier defense, premium running game and a complete unknown at QB, knowbody knows wth Eason is right now, that in and if itself has some value a game or two. Maybe we 2-2.
  5. Totally. As I recall one of Easons biggest problems in college was that he completely breaks down under pressure. And there will be pressure. We will really see what the coach staff can do to set him up for success.
  6. There was a lot off talk earlier about how the offense will be different this year because Wentz doesn't have the limitations physically that Rivers had, and it sounds like Eason is physically capable of performing the same offense as Wentz, as in they haven't made any changes following the Wentz injury. However that could all change when the live bullets start flying.
  7. Pittman was a rookie in a year with a non existent offseason, and he had that weird leg injury early on. With that in mind, I would say did more than flash.
  8. I would say the Colts have the okayest WR group in the league. Pittman is a stud and TY has been great but he’s on the back nine, I've been pretending Campbell is already injured again. I really hope Patmon can overtake Pascal to be honest, or maybe he could bulk up 20 pounds and play the move tightend role we've been missing since that guy who came over from Detroit quit the team. Must be some reason he was on the game roster all season last year.
  9. This will be an interesting question to revisit next February at the earliest. Kinda hard to answer with a sample size of zero.
  10. I remember a video lastyear of Eason throwing 65yrd balls standing flat-footed on the goal line, no hip rotation. Just arm strength. It was impressive.
  11. I'm going with a complete off the board, long shot dark horse. Carter O'Donnell, the 6'7" un-drafted Canadian; who I'm pretty sure cuts his own hair, from last off-season.
  12. I'm going with a name nobody else has mentioned. Rock Ya-Sin, dude has made a lot of correctable mistakes. He's shown flashes though, the talent is there, it just needed a little polish. He's coming into his 3rd year, has a good grasp of the system. The Colts bolstered the D-line and pass rush this off-season, should take some pressure off. I'm raising my expectations on Ya-Sin and I hope he gas a great season.
  13. I wonder what is the over/under on games played before Campbell is injured again? It would be great if Patmon was able to supplant Pascal for that 4th WR spot this season.
  14. Favorite: 1) Quentin Nelson, especially after you factor in the the trade back that yielded Smith, Ya Sin, Turay and Wilkins. 2)Leonard, All Pro Rookie in the sencond round. 3) Braden Smith, College Guard stepped in at RT and never looked back. Least: 1)Basham 2)Wilson 3)That massive OG that got cut before training camp. Can't remember his name ended up in Pittsburgh i think.
  15. There's a Canadian UDFA from last offseason who could be a dark horse. O'Donnell I think.
  16. Some of the tinfoil hat types around here would worry that Belichick was after Indy's playback when ever the Patriots signed a former player. Fisher may have some insight into the Cheifs offense.
  17. Seems odd that our top FA target is a TE when we don't currently have a QB......
  18. There's a lot of value in having a viable back up QB. I don't think anyone would argue that, with his contract the Colts are getting value for the money they're paying him. You have to agree though, that there is tremendous value in the position itself, and having a back up like Brissett is a luxury most teams don't have. Perhaps they're hoping Brissett will repay them with loyalty and a team friendly deal one day. Now that he is a millionaire.
  19. I think we should also get rid of our RT and go with 2 mobile QB's
  20. I'm pretty hung over to be honest. I didn't pick up on the poor decisions. He did have the receiver open on that 3rd and 2 play at the end, it was not a very good pass.
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