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  1. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Without going into explicit details, I can relate. And that's the reason I've lost so much respect for AP. It's not being driven to work after the death of a loved one as a coping mechanism. That part, I get. All too well. It's the leaving while that loved one is dying that sparked my reaction. To leave when that loved one is on the precipice of death requires a coldness I can't defend. It would be akin to the doctor telling you your daughter was in critical condition, and you promptly going on a conference out of town after your firm's given you their blessing to take as much time as you need. My respect for Peterson and his priorities in life weren't formed after his child's tragic death; his son's ultimate end simply cemented the disgust I had that he could leave his flesh and blood, after a day, in a near death state to play football instead. If that makes me the judgmental one, that's O.K. That doesn't change that the man chose 1 football game over his son's final moments.
  2. And then met the boy for the first time, who clearly was in terrible shame, and then promptly left to make sure he still played Sunday. His son dying had no ultimate effect on that decision. It's crystal clear what Adrian's priorities were. It's a shame fans don't want to see it and will make every excuse in the world for him, but it is what it is. Unless having enough "heart" to miss a practice for your dying son is something to be applauded so long as you're still out there on game day.
  3. Leaving his critically injured, dying son for a football game. Real heroic stuff.
  4. This is a horrible story all around. The monster that has the capacity for evil to kill a toddler....I have no words that haven't already been thrown out there by the other posters. As for Peterson, he's also dropped significantly in my book respect-wise. I can't believe he'd leave his dying, critically wounded son to play in a friggin' football game in 2 days. That's not heroic; that's the sign of a guy with messed up priorities in life. I know it's his choice to make and he didn't get to be the best at what he does by not having an insane work ethic, but I can't respect a father who's got it in him to leave his son in that situation rather than miss one game. It's a shame that the boy's last moments couldn't have been with his pops.
  5. I think this can be the best secondary we've had since we won the Super Bowl, when our roster was absolutely stacked there (even if some of those guys didn't reach their potential till they left, like Jennings.)
  6. All I'm left wondering is, "What would Mathis have been had we switched to a 3-4 in his athletic prime?". This dude was a great player despite playing waaayy out of position as a full-time 4-3 DE, but he always projected to be a monster as a 3-4 OLB/occasional rush end. To me, Robert Mathis is a Hall of Fame talent that may not get in solely because he didn't get as many years at this position as he did when he was cast as a 4-3 end. It's practically, if not literally, unheard of to find another small man playing DE with his hand down in the modern NFL with the success Mathis did. I'm just glad now we get to see what he could've been had we switched defensive philosophies earlier in his career.
  7. To you? You're right. I don't get the impression I could, either. And I'd say we're both the better for that. Good day.
  8. That moment where I realize that signing up for a Colts forum with a Simpsons icon and screenname was serious business above and beyond what I thought. I have no idea what you're asking here. I thought I explained my case pretty clearly- apparently I was wrong. Also, I apologize for the use of analogies, which you seem to be taking dead literally. And for the love of Luck's neckbeard, please don't ask me to explain how something can be "dead" literal.
  9. Because starting a new thread to point that out when there's 3 quarters left is going to inevitably result in people razzing you when Luck plays better the rest of the game. Have some fun and roll with it lol.
  10. And, I gotta say, I'm glad we gave it right back to them instead of being the team that complains about non-calls while at the same time not adjusting our own level of physicality in the secondary. If you know the refs are going to let it get rough, at least play rough back so you're not playing with a handicap.
  11. I posted about that during the 49ers game- any more unpunished muggings and they could've been sponsored by the city of Gary. It was really hilarious seeing their receivers whine every time they didn't get the call and to hear their fans complain about it nonstop. Even reminding them they got 2 free shot to the head non-calls didn't seem to make them feel better lol.
  12. From zero to hero today. Made some bad plays in the first half, but it's not how you start, it's how you finish. I'm psyched he picked the right half to kick tail in!
  13. I'm not attacking him, but posting a thread like this in the middle of a slow start about a QB (and team) that has a history of slow starts before they turn it around is practically asking to get hammered. I'm not going to beat the horse, but the horse knew there was a pretty good chance this would come back to bite him lol.
  14. Dangerous to rely on a guy (who wasn't the fastest to begin with) coming off an ACL injury to be a #2 without having some insurance.
  15. Better to sign him to an affordable deal that's easy to get out of, and if he gets outplayed in training camp, then cut him IMO. We've got too many question marks at the position to not bring him into camp.
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