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  1. First, I believe that completion percentages for moving a QB are on the rise. This is due to more mobile QBs like; Rogers, Wilson ,Wenz, Watson, and Mariota to name a few. They have no problem having to move before completing it down field. In the top 5 QBs taken this year in the draft, Mayfield, Darnold, and Jackson do well moving. With players getting bigger, faster, and stronger each year, the pocket passer could be a dying breed. The younger QBs look at getting moved as giving their WRs more time to get open, IMO.
  2. He did and kept the O-linemen off of Brackett.
  3. D-linemen in a 4-3 have to keep the LBs clean, so they can get to the ball. DTs eat up O-linemen and DEs set edge in the run, as well as pass rush. You seen the Manning years, and what was the big complaint? Can't stop the run. Had to have a lead so Defense could close the game. Defense was a bend, don't break. Our DBs lead the team in tackles. All were complaints we heard during those years. What one thing changed in the '05- '06 season? They brought in Booger McFarland, a big, slow, eat up O-linemen DT. Yes getting Sanders back help in the play offs, but our LBs getting to the ball cleaner got us to the play offs. I am seeing a replay of those years.
  4. On some players, all you get are highlights. Depending where you are in the country, which college games you get, except the so called games of the week. Who said Sheard had 67 pressures?? PFF?? If PFF, remember they the had our Center, Harrison in the top 25 the year he allowed Luck and Hassleback to be knocked out of games. Pressure, causing the QB to step up or move before he resets and completes a pass. Doesn't really mean anything unless they lead to sacks. Not short sighted, realistic. As I stated, seen this in Manning years. Defense will be fine with lead and will be bad if they have to help retake a lead. You don't have to like my opinion, but it does not change the facts.
  5. I agree, it was a strange draft. Best player in the draft is a RB. Best O-lineman is a Guard rather than a LT. Best Edge player is a true DE instead of just a Pass Rusher.
  6. Went back and all I saw were highlights. None were of him setting an edge, but pass rushing. Still what I said is true, if the DEs can't set the edge, they are basically situational players.and the 2nd round is not where to get then. I also found out about his 2 shoulder surgeries. Like I said whatever. Simon can set an edge. Sheard has trouble, as he was never asked to do that much. Do not use Sheard as an example as a pass rusher.. Need to average more than 6 sacks a year. I am seeing a rebuild of the defense of the Manning years. Built to play with a lead, but can't play catch up. Yes, 10 straight division titles, but only 1 Super Bowl. That year, we brought in Booger McFarland, a big slow, take up 2 blockers DT. Most of those years, our DBs lead the team in tackles, instead of the LBs. A good way to shorten your DBs' career. I am not condemning the draft, but stating the obvious.
  7. The Eagles DEs could set the edge as well as pass rush. You do not get pass rushers unless you are blowing off the run. The Manning era defenses were built to play with a lead, not play catch up. This was shown time and time again. Teams could and did run against our defense and won.
  8. Exactly the same in Defense. Pass rushers instead of DEs. DEs can set the edge in the run, not only pass rush. A little thing forgotten is that Titans and Jags can run the ball well. Other teams in the league are starting to go that way. Again whatever
  9. we saw this show with Peyton. One Super Bowl in 14 years, due to a Defense that couldn't step up and stop the run. Then whatever
  10. Only one little problem, this Defense is being built to play with a lead. This not a true 4-3, but a hybrid, built to stop the pass but not the run. We don't have Sanders and Bethea any more.
  11. Do not like him. IMO, more 3-4 OLB than 4-3 DE. Remember, we are running a 4-3 and DE has to be able to set the edge in the run as well as pass rush
  12. We don't need a pass rusher per se, but DEs that can set the edge in the run and pass rush. As I pointed out and you stated, Landry can stand up. That is the definition of a 3-4 pass rushing OLB. Would much rather see us get Hubbard, Green, or some other actual DE.
  13. IMO, I don't think he would have made it passed the middle of 2nd
  14. I wouldn't say we lost. We got one of the 3 best players in the draft, not at 3, but at 6. Good value and helps our team and the O-line
  15. I can agree at 49, as long as we get him. Not sure about first 2 picks. I could see Hernandez as one, giving us a good O-line and maybe Hubbard. What seems to be forgotten here is, we are moving to a 4-3. We don't need an Edge Rusher, but a DE. The DE needs to set the edge in the run as well as get after the QB. IMO, Landry is a 3-4 Pass Rusher, not a 4-3 DE
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