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Browns could of lost. That would of put the cherry on top.

You had snow idea!   

I started this fool Josh Allen on my fantasy team    

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Rarely do we see a team score a late td when stopping short of goal line secures a win and it happened back to back days unbelievable.... Penn State actually was up 1 with ball so a knee ends game they score and Indiana comes back with 8 points to force ot and win, then we see Gurley's mistake...unreal.

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I think Cowboys start Garrett Gilbert former AAF star for Orlando, Texas and SMU QB whom the recently got from the Browns. It would figure he would give them a better shot than DiNucci short term, guy can actually make all the throws but again behind that all backup O Line he will be under pressure all day long.

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1 hour ago, holeymoley99 said:

Brown did win, only non positive result for Colts but lost OBJ for the season in the process so that could alter things quite a bit.

I think they are better without OBJ in the lineup.   

The Jags losing wasn't good for the Colts.   I do not want Lawrence to go to the Jags.   

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1 hour ago, shakedownstreet said:


It won't be a problem since the Jets control their own destiny

I'm not so sure.  The Jets get the Pats twice and the Chargers and Dolphins.  

The Jags games are Texans, Packers, Steelers, Browns, Vikings, Titans, Ravens, Bears, Colts.   That's pretty tough.   Texans and Vikings are winnable.  I'd love for the Jags to win 4-5 games so we don't see Lawrence or Fields in the division.

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Bears and Foles look awful today.


Rams, their O-line, I’m surprised they lost to the 49ers. We got the LB coach under Rod Marinelli as our DC (Eberflus), while the Rams got the LB coach under Fangio as their new DC. I’m thinking the aggressive Fangio assistant looks better in Year 1. Eberflus still tends to go back to his zone happy Rod Marinelli ways and I hope it changes more.

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    • Plus the playmaking defense.    For Stafford id think its between us a SF. But this is up to the lions FO. 
    • I mean... everybody says that and right now maybe we are the best option for him, but would that be the same in 2 years time? Who knows...    About the pick compensation - yes, I would really hope Ballard doesn't go into a bidding war with other teams. Have a firm price set and don't go over it. 1st and 3d is about the max I would be willing to give for 33 year old Stafford. 
    • Stafford has been very public about his number one goal:   Winning.   (His words, not mine).   He’s not going to want to leave because we want to pay him $25m instead of $30+ million.   The Colts give Stafford the best chance of winning.   Period.  Leaving the Colts for a money grab would be the worst look possible for him.  I don’t see that as a worry.  Honestly.    My bigger concern is the cost in draft picks to acquire him.  There may be a bidding war, which could prove very expensive.   At some point, I could see Ballard dropping out.   We will likely know in the next 6 weeks. 
    • He is 33 and has 2 years left on reasonable contract. After that you will have to give him a contract in the realm of what other top QBs are getting now and he will be getting older... So you will either have to pay big or lose him and this is while all our young pieces are moving out of their rookie contracts... So we will start losing some of them. So IMO IF we get Stafford this will be the golden window to try to go all in...  Use Stafford's best remaining years at the best contract you will have him at, to try to surround him with best talent we can get while our young player are still cheap. Later he will be older/worse on worse contract and our young studs we either be paid much more (less money to get reinforcement elsewhere) or will be gone.    So... Go all in NOW. This doesn't mean you concede the later years, but IMO the best chance we have are the next 2 years if we get Stafford. This is legitimate Superbowl contender if we can get one of the top receivers, a very good pass-rusher and some solid CBs. 
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