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Browns could of lost. That would of put the cherry on top.

You had snow idea!   

I started this fool Josh Allen on my fantasy team    

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5 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Tennessee schedule becomes very tough, Indy twice who always seems to have their number Ravens, 1 loss Bears and quickly improving Bengals..maybe 1-4 in those....ouch

It could be bad


   Clowney hurt? Too

Bad weather game in Denver

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    • He is 33 and has 2 years left on reasonable contract. After that you will have to give him a contract in the realm of what other top QBs are getting now and he will be getting older... So you will either have to pay big or lose him and this is while all our young pieces are moving out of their rookie contracts... So we will start losing some of them. So IMO IF we get Stafford this will be the golden window to try to go all in...  Use Stafford's best remaining years at the best contract you will have him at, to try to surround him with best talent we can get while our young player are still cheap. Later he will be older/worse on worse contract and our young studs we either be paid much more (less money to get reinforcement elsewhere) or will be gone.    So... Go all in NOW.
    • Odds are you can’t do all that because the salary cap is going down roughly $15-20 million.    We’re likely going to need more time.   I don’t understand the 2-year window reference?   Stafford likely has 5+ years left.   With a GM like Ballard, our window should remain open longer than that. 
    • My thoughts on trading for Stafford are crystalizing a bit... I've stated before that my favorite option is going to the draft trying to get your QB of the future, BUT ... If you go for Stafford, IMO you need to go all in. It should not be the final big move of the off-season if we get Stafford. You move money around and you do everything you can do to get: - Allen Robinson or Godwin or Kenny Golladay. - a legitimate DE in FA or trade - Rhodes back + maybe even one more corner.   It might become tight money wise but IMO you cannot go the Stafford route and do it halfway. You either go all the way or don't even try it... Just go get a QB from the draft and build around him for the future. We will have about 2 year window with Stafford on reasonable contract and we need to use that window...      
    • The rumor that Lions and Stafford might both want to split up makes me warm up to getting him for a couple of years until we figure out the long term solution. But I don’t want to give up a first round pick so we need to be patient and if it works out, great, if someone else want to pay dearly for Stanford, we should immediately bow out of the bidding war.
    • SF are only in the driving seat if Stafford is willing to go there and The Lions are willing to trade to them, maybe they would prefer he didn't go to another NFC team.....I suspect the trade will have to suit both parties and Stafford will want to go to the team that gives him the best chance to win now and maybe the cap space to give him the money he wants. 
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