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Gavin Memorial Draft (Post Easter) Round 1 - Begins 4/11/2018

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Round 1 Picks so far:

1. Cleveland Browns - Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
2. New York Giants - Sam Darnold, QB, USC
3. New York Jets from Indianapolis Colts - Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
4. Cleveland Browns from Houston Texans - Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
5. Denver Broncos - 
Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
6. Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets - Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech
7. Arizona Cardinals from Tampa Bay Bucs - Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma (TRADE)
8. Chicago Bears - Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama
9. San Francisco 49ers - Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
10. Oakland Raiders - Derwin James, S, Florida State

11. Miami Dolphins - Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

12. Buffalo Bills from Cincinnati Bengals - Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio

13. Washington Redskins - Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

14. Green Bay Packers - Marcus Davenport, OLB, UT-San Antonio

15. Tampa Bay Bucs from Arizona Cardinals - Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa (TRADE)

16. Baltimore Ravens - Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

17. Los Angeles Chargers - Vita Vea, DT, Washington

18. Seattle Seahawks - Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia

19. Dallas Cowboys - Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State

20. Detroit Lions - Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama

21. Cincinnati Bengals from Buffalo Bills - Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

22. Buffalo Bills from Kansas City Chiefs - Taven Bryan, DT, Florida

23. New England Patriots from Los Angeles Rams - Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College

24. Carolina Panthers - Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

25. Tennessee Titans - Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan

26. Atlanta Falcons - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

27. Denver Broncos from New Orleans Saints - Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP (TRADE)

28. Pittsburgh Steelers - Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

29. Jacksonville Jaguars -  D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland

30. Cleveland Browns from Minnesota Vikings - Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (TRADE) 

31. New England Patriots - Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

32. Philadelphia Eagles - Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina

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Top 50 picks update so far:



1.            Sam Darnold      USC        QB          6'4"        225        

2.            Saquon Barkley Penn State          RBF        6'0"        233        

3.            Bradley Chubb  NC State              EDGE     6'4"        269        

4.            Josh Rosen          UCLA     QB          6'3"        210        

5.            Josh Allen            Wyoming             QB          6'5"        230        

6.            Minkah Fitzpatrick           Alabama              S              6'0"        204        

7.            Denzel Ward      Ohio State           CB           5'10"      183        

8.            Quenton Nelson               Notre Dame       OG         6'5"        325        

9.            Tremaine Edmunds         Virginia Tech      OLB        64"         253         ILB

10.          Derrius Guice     LSU        RBF        5'10"      224        

11.          Baker Mayfield  Oklahoma           QB          6'0"        210        

12.          Derwin James    Florida State       S              6'2"        215        

13.          Roquan Smith    Georgia ILB          6'1"        236         OLB

14.          Marcus Davenport          UTSA     EDGE     6'6"        264        

15.          Calvin Ridley       Alabama              WRF       6'1"        190        

16.          Rashaan Evans   Alabama              ILB          6'2"        232        

17.          Mike McGlinchey             Notre Dame       OT          6'8"        309        

18.          Lamar Jackson   Louisville              QB          6'2"        205        

19.          Taven Bryan       Florida  DL3T      6'5"        291        

20.          Vita Vea               Washington        DL1T      6'4"        347        

21.          Joshua Jackson  Iowa      CB           6'0"        196        

22.          Kolton Miller      UCLA     OT          6'9"        309        

23.          Maurice Hurst   Michigan              DL3T      6'1"        292        

24.          Arden Key           LSU        EDGE     6'5"        238        

25.          Christian Kirk      Texas A&M         WRF       5'11"      201         WRS

26.          Harold Landry    Boston College  EDGE     6'2"        252         OLB

27.          Connor Williams                Texas    OT          6'5"        296        

28.          Mike Hughes      UCF        CB           5'10"      189        

29.          D.J. Moore          Maryland             WRF       5'11"      215         WRS

30.          Leighton Vander Esch     Boise State         ILB          6'4"        256         OLB

31.          Hayden Hurst     South Carolina   TE           6'5"        253        

32.          Isaiah Oliver       Colorado              CB           6'0"        201        

33.          Isaiah Wynn       Georgia OG         6'2"        313        

34.          Jaire Alexander Louisville              CB           5'10"      196        

35.          Da'Ron Payne    Alabama              DL1T      6'2"        311        

36.          Ronald Jones II  USC        RBF        5'11"      205        

37.          Ronnie Harrison                Alabama              S              6'2"        207        

38.          Courtland Sutton             SMU      WRF       6'4"        225        

39.          Will Hernandez UTEP     OG         6'2"        327        

40.          Brian O'Neill       Pittsburgh           OT          6'7"        297        

41.          Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State QB          6'4"        235        

42.          Sam Hubbard     Ohio State           EDGE     6'5"        270        

43.          James Washington          Oklahoma State WRF       6'0"        205        

44.          Braden Smith     Auburn OG         6'6"        315        

45.          Lorenzo Carter  Georgia EDGE     6'5"        250         OLB

46.          Justin Reid          Stanford              S              6'0"        207        

47.          Carlton Davis      Auburn CB           6'1"        206        

48.          Uchenna Nwosu               USC        OLB        6'2"        251        

49.          Da'Shawn Hand Alabama              DL5T      6'4"        297        

50.          Nick Chubb         Georgia RBF        5'11"      227        

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15 hours ago, chad72 said:


Draft grades are just relative, IMO, very much like the trade value chart, a reference but not a rigid line.


Kelvin Hayden was a 5th rounder, we got him in round 2. Marlin Jackson was a 2nd rounder, we got him at the end of round 1. I can cite many more examples from Polian's era, and I am sure other fans of other teams can do the same from their team's history. Pick No.22 is closer to the end of the 1st, so a top of the 2nd round rated QB going at the end of round 1 is really not a biggie, IMO. 


For a team to move up to No.12 suggests that they are serious about getting a QB, especially after giving up a QB that took them to the playoffs, suggesting their roster is talented enough with an average QB to get to the playoffs. That is why I think Buffalo will come out of the draft with a QB. 


Great show reference though. :) 

I agree they are trying to land their next franchise QB and I think they will do what they can to move up.  But I don't think they will just be throwing compensation out the window.  The reality is, they need 4 new starters along the offensice line.  Outside of Dion Dawkins, they've played moneyball patching it up with Russel Bodine being the only notable FA signing and they paid him enough to make him the 28th highest paid Center.  Marshall Newhouse was an even cheaper buy, almost league minimum.  And then Eric Wood and Richie Incognito retired.


All of this is to say that they will try to take a QB if it can happen at a reasonable price.  But what they aren't going to do is trade away 2 firsts or even 1 first and 2 seconds, leave holes on the roster the way it is now, particularly at offensive line and linebacker (I really wish Roquan would've fallen to 12, I actually tried to trade up a few spots to get him).  It's a great draft for interior OL and they would be insane to use up all the draft resources just to take a QB and then not protect him and get him killed in his first year making him a shakier projection than if he had a redshirt season.


In retrospect, I might go back on my thinking that he's more of a second round guy.  I agree with you in that quarterbacks are almost always reached for when they are guys touted as fringe first to early second round guys.  Talking about him yesterday made me flag him as a prospect to watch film on which I've been doing a little bit today and after work yesterday.  I think he might be better than some of the scouting reports suggest, at probably worth the #22.  I still say that might be a small reach so if they can drop back 4 or 5 spots and take him, then you've just maximized draft value.  The Steelers is an ideal place for him to land and probably where his value exceeds the value of the pick.  Lamar would benefit greatly with a redshirt rookie season, and he will surely get that with the Steelers.

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2 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

How much longer does @csmopar have


I will give him till 12 noon. I have also sent him a PM. We can start consensus at 12:15 pm if he does not respond. He typically logs in frequently during the day, so I am sure that amount of time should work for him.

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8 minutes ago, danlhart87 said:

How much longer does @csmopar have


6 minutes ago, chad72 said:


I will give him till 12 noon. I have also sent him a PM. We can start consensus at 12:15 pm if he does not respond. He typically logs in frequently during the day, so I am sure that amount of time should work for him.


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12 minutes ago, chad72 said:


I will give him till 12 noon. I have also sent him a PM. We can start consensus at 12:15 pm if he does not respond. He typically logs in frequently during the day, so I am sure that amount of time should work for him.

The one time I oversleep :wall:

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